Need a friend? Feel isolated? Need to talk?

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the questions above, then we have help for you. Many times your answer could also indicate that you may br feeling “blue” or even depressed. Please read on.

“I am affirmed to know that I can always find a group of people who know how I am feeling anytime I want to get in contact with them.” Higher Thoughts

We also learn that the “isolation of depression begins as a place of safety and goes on to become a place of torture.” D. Rowe, Breaking the Bonds. Fontana. 1991.

I hear it often in meetings and I see it in the faces of the new members in the group. There is the fear of the new and the different. One has to give credit to those people when they come to their first Depressed Anonymous meeting. They are admitting first of all that they are having a problem. Admitting that their lives are out of control takes courage. They are coming out of their isolation and looking for help with their problem. They are willing to give up the safety of their isolation for the pain of telling others that they are miserable and have no hope of ever feeling differently.

Every move that I make toward other depressed when I am depressed takes me closer to another human being and help. My torture is so great that I am willing to come and meet with a group of total strangers and tell them my story. The amazing thing is that they listen. No one else wants to or has time to hear me tell my story. I have the key to gain an escape from my misery if I just use it. One of the telltale signs that I am depressed is when I begin to isolate and withdraw from others. When I find myself not wanting to be bothered by anybody, I just get myself to talk with another person who is like me, understands and can predict the painful path of depression.


Our powerlessness lies in not being able to snap out of our depression. We know now that God as we understand him, or our Higher Power is going to get us through this period of our lives. We are on no time table with God, but we know his power is inside of us and we want to be conscious of this power in our lives now and everyday.”


Copyright(c) Higher thoughts for down days: 365 daily thoughts and meditations for twelve step fellowship groups. Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville, KY.PAges 17-18. January 28.

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    Hello, my name is Heather and I have been suffering from Major Depressive Disorder and Anxiety Stress Disorder for the majority of my life. I am working on getting back into counseling, but tonight is particularly difficult. Why? You may ask. This week alone, my husband was t-boned in a car accident because of a careless driver who ran a redlight. I lost a dear friend to cancer a few nights ago, and I am facing losing a family member to another form of cancer.
    I am lost, my husband doesn’t understand what I am feeling due to his never experiencing depression nor anxiety. I commend him for doing his best to understand, but is not the same as knowing the exact feeling of your world caving in. I don’t know what to do, and I need someone to talk to. At this point, I am begging to talk with people who understand what it is that I am going through. Please, send me a response to my email.

    Thank you,

    1. Hello Heather and thank you for getting in touch with us here at Depressed Anonymous. Having many burdens to carry all at once, is definitely a situation where talking to someone like ourselves is a must. Also, having a husband who is trying to help you and understand what you are going through–a veritable positive.

      We, the Depressed Anonymous fellowship, of which I am a member, may be what you are looking for. I have found it to be a community of persons like yourself, who are guided by hope and surrounded by persons who will know exactly about depression and the pain that it inflicts upon our mind, body and soul. I know that the group, practicing the spiritual principles of the Twelve Steps, can work its miracle for you as it did for me–and I might add, thousands of others.

      I want to invite you to a Depressed Anonymous meeting which meets every day online on the ZOOM platform. There are no fees. You can speak freely there if you wish. You will remain anonymous, and what you share will help you in the fact that there will be others who listen and will relate to what you are sharing.

      You will be able to find parsons there who will be willing to visit with you one on one, or you can join one of the
      smaller groups who come together and share their life situations with each other. Our program of recovery is solution focused. We do recover. My first episode with depression was years ago, and I am still free of the anguish of the depression ever since.

      What is the “how” of what we do? We first admit we have a situation where we feel helpless and hopeless. We become willing to do all it takes to free ourselves from the bondage of the prison of depression, We go to meetings. We listen and share. We use the material, the DA Manual and the DA Workbook, as well as keeping the focus on ourselves and our own recovery.

      I hope to meet you today at our Daily meeting, or any other meetings that you decide to attend. You can find everything at our website Just scroll down the home menu screen and find the MEETINGS drop down menu and everything you need to know can be found there about our meetings times and days, plus other valuable information. There will be a link to all the meetings that meet within a weeks’ time.

      Heather, for your husband, there is a Dep-Anon family and friend’s group for those of us who may be living with a depressed family member. He can use the following information to access this mutual aid group. This group is specifically designed for the family member to learn about Depression and how it affects the family. I am a part of this group, as I also have a family member depressed. It, Dep-Anon is also based on the Twelve Steps and use the spiritual principles of Depressed Anonymous.

      So, we encourage you to come to a meeting, and see for yourself how others are being helped and find that you too can find a way out of your prison of depression.

      PS The address for the weekly Dep-Anon meeting is MONDAY at 2PM EDT. The meeting is for one hour.
      The meeting ID: 846 6885 1123
      Password is: serenity (all lower case)


      MEMBER ID: 851 593 3239
      Password: hope

      Signcerely, Hugh S, for the fellowship.
      My email address is

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