“Not allied with any sect…”

“While AA and (Depressed Anonymous)  has restored thousands of poor Christians to their churches, and has made believers out of atheists and agnostics, it has also made good A.A.’s out of those belonging to the Buddhist, Islamic, and Jewish faiths.  For example, we question very much whether our Buddhist members in Japan would ever have joined this society had A.A. officially stamped itself a strictly Christian movement.

“You can easily convince yourself of this by imagining that A.A. started among the Buddhists and that they then told you you couldn’t  join them unless you became a Buddhist, too.  If you were a Christian alcoholic under these circumstances, you might well turn your face to the wall and die.”

Bill W., co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, in As Bill Sees It.


The World Health organization has stated that Depression is a global problem and that ethnic and religious populations are all affected by depression.

Persons from almost every nation come to our website, seeking help.

They are also able to read our BLOG and gain hope, guidance and the tools which can  help free them from the pain and isolation of depression. The also learn that they are not alone.

Some of our more flourishing Depressed Anonymous  groups, members  are located in Iran, an Islamic republic.  We are in contact with them  on an ongoing basis. Presently, they are translating our Workbook and Big Book into Farsi, the Iranian mother tongue.

Also,  our Depressed Anonymous Big Book has been published in the Russian language and is available to all those who speak Russian.

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