One of the great paradoxes of human life…

DECISION 12 : “I will learn to share my sadness with others and to share their sadness.” Dorothy Rowe. Breaking the Bonds. Understanding depression, Finding Freedom. Fontana. London. 1991. Page 271.

One of the great paradoxes of human life is that, in the way that we are born and die and in between create our own unique world of meaning, we are always atone, yet the only way that we can live with the essential aloneness is to share our life with other people.” Page 271.

Dear Reader, this concludes our journey of how to Leave Loneliness Behind. By making the 12 Decisions our own, and living out these truths as presented to us by Dorothy Rowe, we can leave loneliness behind.
I give total credit to Dr. Rowe, psychologist, for her wisdom, that she shares with us here in BREAKING THE BONDS.
Jill Tweedie. a reviewer, tells us that the writer Dorothy Rowe, is the “light at the end of the tunnel.” If you make that decision to read this work, I know you will agree.

Hugh S.

4 thoughts on “One of the great paradoxes of human life…”

    1. Thank you for your most welcome letter and reference to Pascal. I found it very helpful.
      I did relate to Pascal’s comments in his statement “Why haven’t we found a cure for depression. ”
      I know that he and I, plus many others are on the same page. Also, a psychologist author Dr. Dorothy Rowe, would definitely appreciate Pascal’s views on depression. (See : Depression: The way out of your prison. Second Edition. Routledge and Kegan Paul 1983. London and New York.)

  1. I wanted to talk about my experience in another zoom anonymous meeting. They don’t call on people to have them come in and share in the sharing portion. Nevertheless there is always a time keeper during the sharing portion doing their service. After the meeting it goes on with time for sharing. At that point who didn’t get a chance to share can do it at the end of the meeting and it works as if it would be still the sharing portion. People just come in and share. Now the time keeper does not continue. If someone needs more time they can use it now. That’s their philosophy. Again people just come in respectfully one at a time. There is no cross talk /feedback. In these meetings you can find 50-60 participants. Therefore all need to get the opportunity to share and feel safe. It is so important people can talk about what is going on while feeling safe and the crosstalk boundaries are so important. Also not receiving any feedback allows them to feel safe.
    During the meeting the chat box is only available to send a text to the organizers. This way people won’t get distracted by messages coming in while they are sharing or listening.
    They don’t use video. So it’s much about giving a voice to people that might have never got a chance to share in their upbringing.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share.

    1. Yes, I was appreciative of the comments about your participating in another zoom fellowship. I too find myself in agreement with the recovery that can happen when all those conditions you mentioned are present in a support group. I am grateful that your experiences are like my own fellowship. And for that, I am grateful.
      Always good to hear from you.

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