I have definitely been there and experienced that despair like feeling. Will power wouldn’t brush it away. Nothing would help. It was only when I got moving–actually putting my body in motion that something good began to happen. Not right away–but over time I was freed from my lack of physical, emotional energy– as well as the thought that I would never feel differently.

People depressed many times don’t  think that they have a choice either to get well or remain locked in the prison  of their depression.

“This is why the belief coupled with the First  Step of Depressed Anonymous, a Twelve  Step mutual aid group, has a positive impact on  one’s personal belief about the recovery process. The First  Step of Depressed Anonymous states “We admitted that we were powerless over depression and that our lives had become unmanageable.”

And this is just the begging. Stay tuned.

Source: Believing is Seeing. DAP. Louisville. (1913) P.2.

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