Sadness Can Be Overcome By Hope!

”  Remarkable things happen to us when we are willing to admit defeat and talk about our powerlessness over depression and how our lives had become un-manageable.  This first step is the beginning of the flight of steps that takes us up and into our new way of living.  At our fellowship of Depressed Anonymous we talk hope, we act hopeful, and we think hope. We learn that our thinking depressed and negative thoughts might have gotten us in the shape that we are in today. What you think is what you become.  For us who find sadness our second nature, we at times continue to revert to the comfort of old familiar negative thinking and are in actuality returning to self destructive behavior. Hope is overcome by sadness.”

SOURCE: Depressed Anonymous. Depressed Anonymous Publications.Page 107.

We all have heard the saying, seeing is believing. I prefer the reverse, namely, that believing is seeing. Once the newcomer arrives through the door of a Depressed Anonymous meeting for the first time, they will hear and see recovery in action.

Possibly for the first time the newcomer  to the DA group  will hear their story voiced by the various  members of the group. They will see that they are not alone.  They discover how their own sadness gets a positive  jolt as they  hear hope expressed in the  recovery group. It is easier to believe someone when they share the same conditions of isolation, and feeling hopeless that you feel.   In fact, in a group of people much like oneself, you begin to see that maybe, just maybe, there is hope for you as well.

6 thoughts on “Sadness Can Be Overcome By Hope!”

  1. It may sound sad to you, but I’m beginning to wonder if Hope truly exists? I’m still hanging on for it, but I’ve had every kind of help! My neuro psych test revealed 99% failure. if my life doesn’t change, Psychosis may be imminent! I pray & hoped daily for years. I’m withering away. It went too long untreated…I masked it. HOPE…If it does exist, it’s wait for me has grown tired!

    1. Hello Ms Kellie
      I hesitate to give advice or even to suggest to you what course to follow as to attain a semblance of hope. But for me personally to hope came to me, bit by bit, in the context of a group of people who had lost all hope or who were looking how to hang onto the little hope that they had. For me I gradually became hopeful for myself by listening to those who had hope, thanks to their belief in a power greater than themselves. I too began to believe that I too could find a way out of depression — I like them, made a decision to turn my life over to this power and gradually by going to meetings, listening the strength and experiences of the group, I believed again that I could have hope. Working the Steps of recovery, which basically is a spiritual program…where we decide that God is there for us…and he will show us a way out of this depression, I was able to turn my life around. God is today–God does not grow tired–God seeks us out. I surrendered my will, got busy, went to work on myself, and followed the wise counsel of those persons who lived out the Promises of Depressed Anonymous. I am still faced with many obstacles in my life–but I do have hope. So Kellie, thank you for your message, and I hope that my message as to how I became hopeful might be a source of hope for you as well. Please continue to be with us.

  2. This is the first day after I discovered Depressed Anonymous. Today, I have a plan, at least for this morning. I am trying to not let negative thoughts stick around, and I am feeling hopeful that I can hook into this fellowship. I don’t have a meeting near me, but I have called a few numbers listed in the meeting list. I have ordered some literature. If people can write back to me, I would be very grateful. I don’t know if it is appropriate to leave my phone number. If you can leave yours, please do!

    1. Hi Karen. Thank you for your note. Please do not leave any personal phone number here. If you want to contact us, please call 502.569.1989 VM. Since it is a voice mail number someone will get back to you as soon as we are able. As for your thoughts and comments arrive here we will respond as soon as we are able. We always like to hear how folks are doing who are working the 12 step recovery program.

      1. Thanks so much for responding. I am doing better, just using what I am learning from the website. I am realizing my thinking is off, and trying to develop sunspots I can use. This morning, I talked on the phone with a friend and didn’t even tell her I was feeling sad. It felt strange – new behavior – but truthfully, I am feeling better! I’ve also been trying to have a plan for each day, and realizing there are spaces in it that have to be filled in. I’m looking forward to receiving the literature I ordered and receiving a phone call from someone.

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