Siberia calling!

Thursday I was able to SKYPE a recovery group meeting in a 12 Step- treatment facility in Siberia. I could see them and they could see me–around the world in seconds and here we are talking  with people from all over Russia. The Director of the facility spoke excellent English and the participants in this conference call,  asked questions in their native Russian and then the Director gave  them to me in English. I answered the questions in English  and then he translated the answers  to the group in Russian.

It was a very lively conference, with most of the questions concerning depression and discussing ways to deal with  this potentially life threatening illness. All the participants were from all over the Russian territory and I was impressed with their 12 Step fellowship and commitment to recovery.

My relationship with the Russian 12 Step treatment goes back about 2 years.   I was asked to  take part in a conference  that deals specifically with depression and the 12 Steps of recovery program. I do know of a few Depressed Anonymous programs already extent in Russia. Our program book (Big Book) has  also been translated into the Russian language by a member of the Ukrainian  DA group program.

SKYPE is a wonderful way for all of us to stay connected–especially in the far reaches of the world. We are also in contact with  the national Director of Depressed Anonymous in Iran. The Director tells me there are at least 100 DA groups in Iran which accounts for 1500 members.

They have just about finished translating Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition. They have already completed the full translation of the DA  workbook. They will then have completed translating and making public the two main books of our Program. All our transactions are done by email and SKYPE.

Please get involved with us with the great communicating tool SKYPE. My address on SKYPE is hugh.smith75. Call me and I will look forward to sharing whatever I can with you and any national group that is interested.

Have a good day.

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Hugh for Depressed Anonymous

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