Sue “gets it”

In Sue’s  account of how Depressed Anonymous has helped carry her through a tough time in her life, she tells us that “if we stop struggling in the water and just give up and lie on your back, you will float.” 

Earlier in her story she tells us  that “It was  no trouble for me to realize that I was powerless over depression and that my life was unmanageable(Step 1). By looking at the faces and talking with the other members, I could see that they had obtained peace (Step 2). From there, Step 3 – turning my will an life over to the care of God-was easy…”

And in her sharing her own journey out of depression   she wraps up her testimony with this invitation: “Whoever you are, you who are reading this: Believe! The first three Steps are the most important. Walking or other exercise is important. Staying with it is also important. Going to meetings and participating is important, but above all else, faith is important. Faith will truly move mountains!”

Sue and so many others are eager to share their stories of recovery from depression. They have wanted their own personal stories of recovery   included in the “Big Book” of Depressed Anonymous and to encourage others who are still suffering from depression. Help is available. You will be happy that you did.

For more about how to leave the prison of your own depression, please go to a Depressed Anonymous meeting near you or click onto   THE DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS PUBLICATIONS BOOKSTORE  and discover how you can find the help that can set you free. The Twelve Steps provide each of us  with a plan, a map if you will, that if followed,  will provide the stepping stones to set you on your new life path!

All the books published by Depressed Anonymous are actually written by those who have been depressed –been there and done that.

(c) Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. KY


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