SUPER HEROES? A stockbroker and physician.

Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, MD are my Super Heroes. No, they are not the fantasy figurines so popular these days with our children and grandchildren. Nor are they  the plastic bobbleheads we find in the toy stores.

Bill Wilson, was a Wall Street  stockbroker who since his sobriety day, began to  make investments in peoples lives that had become shattered by alcohol.    Dr. Bob Smith, hearing Bill’s story,  joined him. Bob was  a physician who himself personally   saw the ravages that alcohol did to other human beings, including himself and family.

Together, these two men brought men and women together  as mutual partners in helping to keep each other sober, by what was to be called the Alcoholics Anonymous program of recovery. It was this mutual aid for other alcoholics who were  till suffering  from addiction to alcohol who heard Bill and Bob’s stories of recovery, plus the many other recovering alcoholics  and  who made their stories their own.

Our one-time stockbroker and physician  have given us all, and thousands more around the world, a story about struggle,  where one recovering addict, who by  sharing their own story of recovery, give strength,  hope, sobriety to another human being, one at a time.

“To share your story is to save your life.”

Become a Super Hero your self. Share your story.  Join with Bill W., and Dr. Bob S.,  and become the hero others are looking to for help.


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