Survive the now and I will survive the tomorrow

This is a timely nugget of hope for my day today. All we have today is 24 hours.

When I attempt to stay in the now, keeping my mind occupied with what is happening in my inner environment – my thinking and feelings. I reflect on how these thoughts affect my mood. My mood might be spiraling upward, or it my be spiraling downward. And again, it just might just be stuck in neutral, sort of flat.

When I share at a Depressed Anonymous group meeting, I feel the acceptance of the fellowship no matter what I share. The group helps keep me in the now. I find some meetings, some speakers, say things that hit me where I live. I feel my own mood resonates with what they have to say. My mind pushes past my gloom with its struggling thoughts, hanging on to that spoken life raft just now offered to me. I begin to believe, right now, at this very moment in time, that maybe I too can survive the tomorrow. I feel hopeful.


3 thoughts on “Survive the now and I will survive the tomorrow”

  1. How true! staying in the day is the most import thing to keep me going in the right direction! during the day when I become disturbed( because I am in the past) I look at my feet to remind myself to take a step forward out of the past.

    1. HI Bob

      Thanks for that great offer of help for staying in the present. I will look at my feet from now on when I feel disturbed or distracted by events from the past. Take one step out of the past is a great tool.

      Also, we hope to publish soon our new Dep-Anon 12 step program of recovery for families and friends of the depressed. I think it would serve family members well to read.
      Please greet the DA groups of which you are a part. Also, if you will, please send me your home address in case I need to send you mail. Thanks.
      PS I send out two brochures (thanks for your generosity) to every person who orders our literature through the mail. That is the way I have to do it til we get back tof2f meetings. If I had a electronic file of the brochure–I could propagate the brochure getting out to all online a lot easier. I would send a file to all on our meeting list.
      We sent out about about 300 of our publications last year –so with two brochures included that was a lot. But think how many could go out if we had an online place where group members could download their own and duplicate them for their groups, Just an idea.

      Keep coming back, Bob. SO many folks during this pandemic looking for help. Depression is also a world pandemic!

      Hugh, for the fellowship.

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