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Feel empowered! Go to a Depressed Anonymous meeting

The group meeting is where trust and openness is promoted among the fellowship. My defenses gradually lessen at every meeting and now I find myself speaking about myself. I now believe that with my new openness no one will discredit or abandon me. I now feel secure in this new fellowship of persons who are just like me. I can live in hope and not despair. I learn that trust leads to freedom.

In the personal testimony portion of the Depressed Anonymous Manual, on pages 110-152, a Depressed Anonymous member, Starr, shares how the group meeting gives a feeling of empowerment to those who want to share their story as a person that has suffered depression since childhood.

I can say that until you start to open up, share your hurts and feelings, listen to members of the group, watching them as they grow from the support of the group, you will not be able to get out of the prison of your depression.”

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