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How To Find Hope

How to find hope:

Hope can exist only in a state of uncertainty.
This certainty means total certainty. That security means to be without hope.
The prison of depression is built with the bricks of total certainty.

Certainty. Security. No hope.
To hope means to run the risk of disappointment.
Avoid disappointment. Stay depressed.
To be insecure means not to be in control.
Stay in control. Be depressed.
To be uncertain means to be unsure of the future.
Predict the future with certainty. Stay depressed. Absolute certainty means complete hopelessness. If we want to live fully, we must have freedom, love, and hope. So, life must be an uncertain business. That is what makes it worthwhile.

Source: Depression: The Way Out of Your Prison, (1996) Second Edition Dorothy Rowe.

Hugh, for the fellowship

A way out of depression. Where to start?


I can be that person who is going to have hope and serenity now that I can hear how the program works for them.

“Now that I look back and see the way I was and see how I am now, I can’t believe that I ever knew the other person. This person is different altogether. I like this person now very much.” Helen


When I am depressed, I think that I can’t do any good.  Now I listen to people like Helen and I can see that her being an active member of the Fellowship of Depressed Anonymous has freed her to be a different person. She didn’t find herself through any esoteric means. Slowly she found  her way out of her saddening  herself through a belief in her God, a belief in the group, and by working the Twelve Steps. When we admit we have a problem, we know we can get some help. We then ask  God and God shows us the way out. With God all things are possible. Helen is living proof that a person’s feeling alone and desperate won’t last once they see that it’s pretty much up to themselves to begin the move to want to change.

One of the beliefs that I seem to consider absolute is that I will never be able to change my life and the way I feel. I know now that I can feel differently, that with time and  work, this will be a real possibility.

NOTE We can read Helen’s riveting story,  how her own 12 Step program of recovery brought sanity and hope into her personal life. Please  see  the Depressed Anonymous  personal  stories section of the book and read   her personal  story of faith and hope plus many others.


God, continue to help people like Helen carry the message to others so that there might be a hope for those who fear there is no hope for them. Let us understand that from our daily thoughts in this book that we can receive the courage to see that we will get better.

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