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Family members of the depressed have their own group – Dep-Anon

“It’s compelling to have friends and a support group of like people who you can listen to and try to help. There is something very affirming and powerful and healing about that. It is the very reason that Depressed Anonymous works so well.”

Dep-Anon is a 12 step mutual aid program of recovery for families and friends of the depressed. In a short time, family members will gather in their groups and deal with the intense negative feelings about their loved ones. They will learn about what depression is and what it is not and how it affects the lives of their loved ones. It will also help them realize that they cannot fix the depressed family member, but they need to focus on themselves using the spiritual principles of the 12 steps.

The Dep-Anon manual, organized for those family groups, gathered together for support of each other, will find ample material to begin the work of spending time taking care of their own mental health needs. These gatherings of family groups will discover how their recovery will bring the depressed and themselves back into a healing relationship.


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Britain’s MD’s prescription for depression? Exercise.

Patients in Britain are receiving  “prescriptions” for exercise.

“A  “prescriptionfor exercise typically provides the patient with twenty – four weeks of treatment. An exercise professional assesses the patient’s fitness and develops an appropriate “activity plan,” with the patient then given discounted or free access to the collaborativeing YMCA or gym. Patients work out on exercise machines, swim. and take various exercises classes. In addition , many exercise referral schemes provide access to “green gyms.” The outdoor programs may involve group walks, outdoor stretching classes, and volunteer environmental work (managing local woodlands, improving footpaths, creating community gardens, etc). Throughout the six months of treatment, the exercise professional monitors the patient’s health and progress.

As might be expected, patients have found exercise on-prescription- treatment to be quite helpful. They told the Mental Health Foundation that exercise allowed them to “take control of their recovery” and stop thinking of themselves as “victims” of a disease. Their confidence and self esteem increased, they felt calmer and more energetic. Treatment was now focused on their ” health,” rather than on their ” illness.”

“The fathers of medicine wouldn’t be surprised about what we are doing, ” McCulloch  said.  They would say, “Hasn’t science gone any further? Diet and exercise? This is what is new? If they could travel in a time machine, they would think we were mad, because people have been saying these things for thousands of years..”

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