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“We have providede hope with a step by step recovery program…”

“In Depressed Anonymous we soon learn that to get well we have to believe that we are not passive victims of depression which comes out of the blue and bites us.  We are not talking about cold and flu here. We learn  to be responsible  for our own health and healing. We have to learn that MOTIVATION FOLLOWS ACTION. I will not blame myself for being depressed but I do have to take responsibility for my own health that I know what I have.  We are  responsible for the depression in the fact that it resides and has its home in us and  has crippled us for months, and yes, possibly even years.  Now that we have provided hope with a step by step recovery program we think it is possible to use our program, attend our meetings, read our literature and take life as it comes – one day at a time.


SOURCE:  Copyright(c) I’ll do it when I feel better. (2015)  Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. Page 15.