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Skype meeting for the Association of Depressed Anonymous groups of Iran.

Today  we were able to hold a conference meeting for 50 members of the Association of Depressed Anonymous in Iran this morning. They provided an interpreter for the 1 hour 1/2 meeting and had submitted 12 questions for us to  consider and respond.  Because  of distance and time,  their group, using the DA book Manual and Workbook (translated into Farsi) made a very informative meeting for the participants,.

This program  has been used in Russia and other locales, as they too have our DA book translated in Cyrillic . The event was a  Depressed Anonymous conference via Skype for  members of a treatment Center in Siberia. This event had a director of the program who spoke  English and translated my English into Cyrillic.  It was a very wonderful event  to experience.

Anyone , who has access to the Russian DA book, 3rd  edition , or the Farsi  copy of the DA 3rd edition, can set up a SKYPE conference.  Now  we have the DA  3rd edition in Spanish   and the Dutch editions in paperback  format. A person who is fluent in English would be able to communicate with a  member of a group conference members will have their questions, comments passed back to us in English

There are two EBooks presently available and which can be downloaded on your computer for a group conversation in your own home region and language. You will provide a translator.

Attention: Depressed Anonymous groups in USA and beyond: If you would like to set up a conference call via SKYPE, please Email us at our office :

Depanon@netpenny.net.  Put the word SKYPE in the subject space.

We can visit together about what might be the best way for  us to start a group in your area where there is no Depressed Anonymous recovery program available.

NOTE: The least expensive way to purchase these two EBooks is to use the download process.   There is a saving of $9.00 USD.  There is no charge for postage. Please go to our Depressed Anonymous Publications Bookstore and find information that would explain more about our literature.

Our website is : depressedanon.com. Type the URL into your  browser and learn more about who we are and what we are about.

Thank you




SKYPE us today! We have a common home and so let’s be neighbors!

If you have SKYPE please feel free to contact me at this address.  I have talked with persons around the world who are members of Depressed Anonymous and find it a great tool to keep in contact with the membership. SKYPE also helps build understanding among all peoples how we are connected by a common bond. We have a “common home” and all live in the same household, and planet earth is our home!

Let’s be neighbors and share how we are dealing with what is our common problem, depression. A recent World Health Organization tells us that Depression is a common illness for all members of this our common home. When one of us suffers —we truly all suffer. The issue doesn’t stop there–because we have found a Higher Power who can deliver us from what ails us the most and causes us to isolate and suffer alone. For many of us the Depressed Anonymous mutual aid group is the support and Power that keeps us focused on recovery.  For most of we believe that the God of our understanding will and does deliver us from depression– which for many is life threatening. All of us who participate share in the Power and in the Miracle of the Group. We are never alone as we have each other, whether from Iran, Texas (usa), Siberia, Holland, Australia, Germany, Poland, just to name a few of our neighbors. All these neighbors I have made friends through SKYPE.

I would love to hear from all of you who are reading this today and let’s become neighbors with a common interest and talk solutions.

Thank you,

Hugh.smith75    by skype