The best help for the treatment of the depressed family member is for the family to first take care of themselves

Dep-Anon Is A Twelve Step Program Of Recovery For Families And Friends Of The Depressed

The best help for the the treatment of the depressed family member is to take care of themselves. This is the message of Dep-Anon, a family support group for family members of the depressed.
Dep-Anon’s publication date is set for the middle of March, 2021. Depressed Anonymous Publications is making available a new book, with it’s emphasis on the family who have a family member who is depressed. The family is suggested to first keep its focus on their own lives. This is made possible by gathering families together and their using a group approach, emphasizing the twelve spiritual principles (steps) of AA and by practicing them on a daily basis in their own lives.
The following except from Dep-Anon, directed at the family who are beginning “to see the light”.

Our depressed loved one discovers that we are taking a “hands off” attitude toward them. Armed now with the knowledge about the nature of depression, we have more understanding about life and struggles which torment and vanquish the lives of those who suffer from depression. We realize they are to blame for depression, with all the negative symptom which form that syndrome. They are mentally, physically emotionally unable to turn on and off, like a water faucet, this deepening sadness which has them immobilized and believing ghat there is no way out.
With this being said we are at the starting point in our own recovery.

COPYRIGHT(C) Dep-Anon: A Twelve Step program of recovery for families and friends of the depressed (2021) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville, KY 40241. pg 18.

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