The depressed seem to have an allergic reaction…

“Any thought that passes the  depressed person’s mind for example, such as feeling worthwhile , good, acceptable to self and others just doesn’t seem to sink in to make that much of a difference to persuade the depressed person to really believe that something good is going to happen to them. The depressed seem to have an emotional and physical reaction, much like having an allergic reaction  to anything that even comes close to having a hope that they will begin to feel better.

The best way to cure an allergy is to stay away from those substances, chemicals  and environments that cause us to have a bad reaction. Once  the allergic reaction sets in, the  depressed again plummets down the endless spiral of hopelessness and helplessness. To have that “vital spiritual experience” called for in Depressed Anonymous is second to none when it comes to getting out of the prison of depression. The fellowship of the program is a “sine qua non” of recovery but without having had that “vital spiritual experience”  it is doubtful whether or not one can stay out of the depression pit for any length of time.  We don’t expect that this means that you have to have reached the highest union with God before you can find relief but it just means that you begin trying out the feeling of turning some of this pain that you feel to the ” care of God as you understand God.” It used to be  major concern of mine that when people came to one meeting but never came back for the second meeting I would worry about why they didn’t come back. But this program doesn’t work that way. For those who expect a quick fix –why not? –      we have been suffering for so long and we want it to stop now! We find out sadly  that it doesn’t work this way. Those who do return –week after week-this is where the success stories lie. These brave souls by their struggles to get better and who begin to share their stories of pain and hurt, release in themselves the force of healing that continues with each passing meeting and with each encounter with other members  story of hope and renewal.


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Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. (See Appendix: The VITAL SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE)

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