The depression experience is about the way we feel, think and behave

When you think of depression do you think of it like it’s one big thing or do you see it   for the many parts that  make up a depression  experience, namely, the way that we think, behave, or feel? In other words, when we make it to be a thing,  it holds power over us like it came out of the blue – we talk about depression in medical terms I just had a bout of depression – like it came from outside of us  like an infected germ or virus. In reality, our depression is made up of many parts, such as particular depressed  ways of thinking, behaving and feeling.

Think about the ways that you perceive your depression.  Can you distinguish the various parts that go to form what we call the depression experience?

Which of the following illustrations can you best relate?

 I need to be perfect.

I need to be successful.

I need to please others – always.

I need never to get angry.

I need to have someone in my life before I feel I am somebody.

Please write down  how one or more of the above keep you down, despairing and hopeless. Also write your thoughts  about where you feel these attitudes might be coming from?

SOURCE: The  Depressed Anonymous Workbook. Questions 11.1 to 11.6 inclusive.  Page 80-81.

If you are utilizing the HOME STUDY KIT you can read a corresponding  thought in our manual, Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition.  The   DA WORKBOOK  locates this reference in  its format.

 “…   I’ve been good and I’ve tried to be perfect, so why am I so miserable and unhappy ?” The reason that you’re so unhappy is because you’re trying to be perfect, but you never know when you reach perfection as you always have one more line to cross before you become the perfect person that you’re struggling so hard to become. Depression is so often a refuge from having to live out our life. And only when we feel that we can live with a fair degree of unpredictableness  in our life that we move out of  our isolation into the real world. So often our depression hides behind a mask of superficial friendliness – with people never aware of the deep pain that we feel inside.  The risk is in moving out of isolation into contact with other depressed people. We know now that it is in the expression of our feelings that get us free. It is   the telling and the admission of our powerlessness over our depression that makes us move ever so slowly out of the deep pit of darkness and sadness. So often when we are able to make amends, we feel that part of the prison wall begins to crumble and we begin to see the light of day. We discover a way out! We find that our forgiveness of others frees us and brings us one more step into the peace of serenity. Getting free is in saying that we alone are responsible for our compulsive retreat from life when we run up against some stressful situation. And the more we study and hear about the addictive personalities and behavior, the more we learn about ourselves and how we have anaesthetized ourselves against any possible feeling of pain, hurt, or anger by saddening  ourselves and keeping to ourselves.”

SOURCE: Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition. (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. Pages 85-86.

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