The game of chess taught me a great lesson

I like to play chess. In fact, there are some Pro basketball players who also like to play chess. I am sure that there are many others who like to play chess. I would imagine that generals on the battlefield use the skills of chess playing to rout the enemy. My brother played chess. He taught me how to lose with dignity. My grandson and I also play chess.

The great lesson that chess has taught me, and still teaches me, is how to plan ahead. When I am in a chess match my mind creates a strategy that takes me beyond my next move. There is always the inner dialogue of the chess player which forecasts what happens if this move is taken and what happens if it is not taken. Some times, my strategy to check-mate my opponent is five moves ahead of me.

Basically chess, for me, teaches me how to strategize those areas of my life that need a plan. I have to look ahead, not only for possible potholes but averting disasters. And as important, I learn what happens when I have not planned ahead.

This leads me to repeat the saying that “those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Life is more than a chess game I grant you that, but with us (me included) our 12 Step recovery program helps us make plans to keep us from a relapse but also can prevent our sad mood from spiraling down into the abyss of depression.

At every depressed Anonymous meeting, we each set goals, we plan, what we want to accomplish this coming week, maintaining our serenity as well as continuing to strengthen our efforts at digging ourselves out of the pit of depression.

With the holidays coming up, we need to have a plan to keep us from getting isolated by our sadness. We can plan to come to a virtual (ZOOM) meeting online. (Click onto Homepage MEETINGS schedule for daily meetings). Or attend a face-to-face meeting.

Plan to keep in touch with those who are working the same plan as we are. By sticking to the recovery plan, you can be a winner and have the serenity knowing that you made the right move!

PS Learn how to play chess. If you feel you are in a check-mate situation, don’t give up hope. Please Contact us at, and I know it will teach you a life plan as much as it taught me. Our fellowship group also helps me plan and live one day at a time, each move of the way!

Hugh, for the fellowship

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