“Our happiness is now dependent on how we look at ourselves, our world and the understanding that we have of our God. I now know that when I first came into the fellowship, I felt like a stranger in a foreign country. My thoughts and feelings were all confused as I began the journey into myself with a deepening desire to discover the engine that drives my sadness. The battle raged inside of me–a battle that was fought in the shadow of past events and relationships.  It was a personal triumph for me to finally see that there was a way out of this despair and emotional atrophy.  I feel that my life got better by my doing something. I now follow a practical plan as outlined by our suggested 12 step program of recovery. I make sure that everyday that I get into action and do something. I used to think that the “good humor fairy” would tap me on the shoulder and I would be well. This is exactly the opposite of what our program of recovery promotes. Our position is that you have to roll up your sleeves and get to work.”

Quote Source:   The Depressed Anonymous Publication: I’ll do it when I feel better.”  (2013)  #2 OF 13  of  Promises of Depressed Anonymous  WE REALIZE A NEW WAY TO LIVE. Page 13.

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