Below is a line, divided into time segments, which you are asked to consider as representing various periods in  your life.


Birth      10        15          20          25          30            35           40      45      50      55       60         65

Here are some questions that may help your meditation.

What moments on this line stand out in   sharpest detail to your memory?

What faces from your past can you see most clearly?

What voices can you hear most vividly? (From among your friends, your family, classmates, playmates , lovers, idols, rivals?)

Which of these did you trust the most?

Which of these did you want to be like the most?

Which were the events which molded or affected you the most deeply, positive or negatively?

Which were the experiences which molded or affected you most?

What were the scenes of your greatest sadness?

What were the scenes of your deepest joys?

What helped to preserve constancy in your life? (People who for example, lack of geographical movement, few deaths, crises, religions, faith,etc.)


SOURCE:  THE LIFE REVIEW. (c) The Three boxes of Life. Richard Bolles, Ten Speed Press. Berkeley CA  94707.


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