“The more I attended, the better I was able to handle my depression.”


“I really didn’t get the complete feel for Depressed Anonymous at that first meeting. I took the advice given to me as I was leaving and came back the following week. The more I attended, the better I was able to handle my depression. Depressed Anonymous did more for me in a month than the hospital group did in three months. Depressed Anonymous didn’t cost anything, although after the first meeting was over everyone voluntarily threw in a dollar to pay the light bill

I couldn’t believe that Depressed Anonymous is run by the people who participated in it. I thought there had to be someone, somewhere, making big money off the poor souls who so desperately sought help. Boy, was that a stupid assumption. Perhaps the thing that impressed me the most about Depressed Anonymous is the wonderful friendships that developed. Depressed Anonymous members really care about each other.”


Source: Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition (2011). Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. Page 124.

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