“The teacher arrives when the student is ready.”

My thought for today


I believe more and more that my Higher Power will  help me trust in it’s daily direction for my life.

“If you want to give up being depressed,  give up your  belief in a Grand design of rewards and punishments.”

This is not to say that you should give up your belief in God. You simply give up your beliefs  of God as the great accountant and judge in the sky, and see him, instead as the mystics of all religions have seen GOD –as a great power beyond, above and inside us, a Power of which we are part and which we take on trust.” D. Rowe.


The myth from my childhood is that if I am good, then I will be happy. I want to learn how to believe that my universe is under the guidance of God who wants the very best for me. This God of my understanding is a God who, if I let it, will lead me out of my misery and provide me with the understanding and direction that I need to live out my life, if I but let it. This is not to say that my journey will be an easy one, but I must start somewhere and at sometime in my life. I am convinced that it is my involvement with the group and my time of daily prayer and meditation that can provide me with the strength to live one day at a time and in the present moment.

As I become familiar with the Twelve Step program  I can be assured that some power greater than myself is gradually providing my life with a balance and serenity.

Step Two of Depressed Anonymous tells us that we “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”


It is only when we know and believe that some Higher Power in our lives can restore us to sanity will  we be able to let the God of our understanding lead us.”

(Personal comments).

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