The “WE” program of the 12 Steps of Recovery

“…we let God demonstrate through us, what God can do.  We ask God to remove our fear and direct our attention to what God would have us be.  At once, we  commence to outgrow fear,”  Bill W., co-founder of AA.

How often have I felt the healing presence of God in the midst of a 12 Step group meeting. I have heard others comment on how God is speaking to them through other members of the group. Because WE are all part of the fellowship of Depressed Anonymous and united in our firm belief of a power greater than ourselves WE  made a decision to turn our wills and lives over to the care of God as WE understood God to be.  WE trust in the Promise that because we live the way of the Steps that WE will find the serenity that comes to those who believe in these Promises.

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