“there has been a revolutionary change in their way of living and thinking.”

I can manage whatever comes at me today, in this 24 hour period.

“Thousands of men and women, worldly indeed, flatly declare that since they have come to believe in a Power greater than themselves, to take a certain attitude toward that power, and to do certain simple things, there has been a revolutionary change in their way of living and thinking. In the face of collapse and despair in the face of the total failure of their human resources, they found that a new power, a peace, happiness and sense of direction flowed into them. This happened soon after they wholeheartedly met a few simple requirements. When many hundreds of people are able to say that the consciousness of the Presence of God is today the most important fact of their lives, they present a powerful reason why one should have faith.”

Bill W.

Source: Copyright(c) Higher thoughts for down days: 365 daily thoughts and meditations for members of the 12 Step fellowship. (1993). Hugh Smith. Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. pg. 122. Meditation for July 25.


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