“There is Hope—and we Do recover.” DA “ZOOM” MEETING

Updated 29 Dec 2020: The US based ZOOM meetings are no longer being held.

There is hope…and we do recover!
This is the name of the ZOOM group now operating with three DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS ONLINE groups per week. What could be better than that.

I personally find the name of this mutual-aid 12 step group to be a “right on” description of what happens during it’s live online meetings. Those who come aboard soon learn that this is not only a safe place to share their “story” but is a place to discover others stories of how they are leaving the prison of their depression. And if you are one of those, like me who are looking to find hope and a plan to make it happen for your own life, you are in the right place.

Now in group meetings you won’t find people giving you a counterfeit hope, a hope that is not based on reality, but on their own personal experience. Those who are frequent group members of Depressed Anonymous, and who want to have a social contract with others on a personal basis, find that they have found a home with others like themselves. No strangers here. No counterfeit promises of sudden healing. You will be provided with a plan that has stood the test of time, for those who continue to be recipients of its power and enduring hope.

You will learn the strength of living life, not with grandiose sugar plum fairies dancing in your head, but with the hard work (yes, it takes work, time and prayer) of coming to meetings, reading the Depressed Anonymous literature, plus doing something. Yes, do something!

Start with the smallest thing, by clicking onto a DA meeting online or at Skype, and just listening in to the discussions of its members, new and old. No one has to talk. My own experience is this: those who come to their first meeting–yes, their first meeting will probably hear others share stories that are similar to their own.

Start small at first in things that need to be done for your own recovery. Move the body and the mind will follow. Get out of bed at a certain time every day. Water a plant that needs watering. Sweep the kitchen floor. Be creative. Commit to at least six meetings a week online. Skype is available everyday on line. Zoom is on three or four times a week.

And please, when that little voice inside your head says “I’ll do it when I feel better” ignore it and do what needs to be done now. Do it now. Not tomorrow. Yesterday is gone. All we have is NOW!

My vision is for all of us who were depressed or are depressed today, is to find the plan and the place where they can and do find hope and a great fellowship we call Depressed Anonymous.

Remember these powerful words – write them down. There is HOPE, and we Do Recover.
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Hugh S

4 thoughts on ““There is Hope—and we Do recover.” DA “ZOOM” MEETING”

  1. Hello,
    I experience anxiety (mostly) and depression. I’m in aa and was interested in applying the same program for my mental health issues. Is there a list of online or online meetings? Is the very many meetings?
    My email address for correspondence is
    [email protected]

    1. From the menu bar at the top of the site, select Meetings then Online Depressed Anonymous Meetings for all of the DA meetings available on Zoom and Skype. Your question of many meetings is subjective – your definition of many and my definition may differ. Review the list and decide if there are many.

    1. Hello Fernando Estrada
      Thank you for your interest in joining our Depressed anonymous Fellowship, We offer meetings on a daily basis plus including other meetings connected with Depressed Anonymous. These 12 Step meetings are live at 11:30 CST and 12:30PM EDT.

      To join please use the link (see Website menu for Online International DA Skype meetings with link). MEETINGS) and there you will find the link that will take you to the meeting site. Get to the group meeting site about ten minutes before meetings to get a JOIN button on your screen from the Moderator which gets you into meeting. Meetings are an hour long. Newcomers also are welcome at the Monday meeting where questions can be asked about the 12 Steps as it relates to the subject of depression.
      JUst a reminder that the meetings mentioned use SKYPE and you can use the following SKYPE address: https://JOIN.SKYPE.COM. LINK We look forward to having you attend our meetings.


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