Thinking unpleasant thoughts wear me out–until I did this.

Hello friends

Just a note today to share with you something  that you already know, namely,  how the continuous thinking of unpleasant thoughts wears us out.

One day, quite by accident I discovered a secret. I discovered how my mind was trying to fool me, by making me believe that I was tired, worn out and needed to lie down and just sleep.

So, again, I was wearing myself out with my gloom and doom thoughts when I believed I was too tired to do anything. I suddenly thought, “Hey, wait a minute, I don’t have to keep running from myself and let this fatigue force me down on my back. ” So, what did I do? I went to my computer desk, and began to write. It was like driving through a blasting blizzard with nothing to be seen ahead of more except the hood of my car. I continued to write. The fatigue persisted.  And then gradually with about ten minutes under my belt,  my negative thoughts slowly replaced with thoughts focused on what I was banging out on my keyboard, I felt a resurgence of energy. Now, I wanted to continue to write. Gradually, I began to feel the lightness of hope  coursing through my arteries. It was like someone had turned on the light and gave me the secret to keep on my feet, so to speak, and regain the energy that I wanted to sleep away.

I distracted myself, pulled away from the gloomy thoughts and focused all my attention on creating something brand new.  The pulling away and  knowing   now  that I can walk away from the temptation to surrender myself to that which would have continued to put me down.

Try it. It works for me. It can work for you as well.


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