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Being mindful and being present  in the moment is a real discipline that is hard to acquire. Most times we are thinking about yesterday or we are thinking about tomorrow.  It is very difficult  to stay in the present and to be aware and mindful of our environment, our feelings and what is right in front of us.

That is why saying the Serenity Prayer is so important  for each of us in recovery.  We are  to be mindful of the possibilities and the potential of how we can change.  At one time we felt this  was an impossible task.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,  the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”

I think with the reality of depression engulfing and imprisoning our thoughts day after day, we believed that there was no way out. That is why I have always maintained that to leave  the prison of depression takes time, work and I might add, discipline.  I would also like to add another point, that in the midst of all of this, we definitely  need to choose  to be positive,  as much is this is possible,  and to find ways to overcome  the debilitating experience of depression.

What I’m talking about here is how we need to take responsibility for our present situation  and get busy looking at the various avenues that may provide us healing.

Many times people depressed because of the intolerable pain that accompanies the sadness look for the easier and more comfortable way to escape.  I think we all know what those ways end up being. Most of the time, at least in the beginning of my depression experience, I tried to think my way out the box that I was in. Of course, this is like the dog chasing its tail. I always ended up at the same place at where I started.

For me, knowing that it was either do or die, stay depressed or get better. So, I made a decision  to get better. And after a year and a half of taking responsibility for my physical  and mental health, I gradually walked out of the fog which   made my life miserable, and that  coupled  with the false belief   that I would never get better.

By being mindful of the continued possibility that I just might get better, I found this to be  validated by people that I came to know  as members of the Depressed Anonymous fellowship. It was at every meeting  where I heard positive,  constructive, and hopeful stories from folks who had  gradually worked themselves out  of the prison of depression.  Granted,  sometimes, we heard stories from those who are new to our program, who had been shamed by family members, friends who told them  that it was all in their head –  namely, blaming them for not being able to quote “snap out of”  the mental paralysis that had them by the throat. It’s like  people were telling them  that all they had to do was to think positive thoughts, or say a prayer, and presto! the debilitating pain would disappear.  Instead of saying things to support the depressed person, the depressed person was stigmatized  for being depressed. It was almost like they were saying we like being depressed. It was like saying we were lazy and  that’s why we were depressed. Most people never have a clue what we go through–or go through when depressed.

Finally, that is why a group such as Depressed Anonymous is such a viable fellowship  where folks  can  come  and learn   how to use the tools for escaping the life-threatening reality  called depression.  Actually,  Depressed Anonymous, is a peer to peer group of people  who all share in the pain of depression  as well as   use the tools to work themselves out of the problem.  We are no longer alone. We are given the pathways on how to find serenity,  hope and fellowship. We all know how isolating ourselves from others turns out to be one of the major causes  of deepening  the pain of depression and for some  to take their own lives.

If you are looking for a solution for your life and a way of out of depression you need to take a look at what we have to offer. We offer hope and a step by step program of recovery. what is most need, a fellowship where folks like you and me no longer are alone.

Depressed Anonymous has produced a book where our recovery program is outlined step by step for climbing out of the  prison of depression. Please Visit the Store here at our site for  information about literature offered. One can order online.

SOURCE: Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications.




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