“We admitted that we were powerless over depression and that our lives had become unmanageable.”

Step  One of  the Depressed Anonymous fellowship puts it out there straight and to the point. If we want to recover from  our experience of sadness and isolation we have to get the ball moving. We will  admit  that something is  out of whack in our lives. This First Step is where we start our healing process.

In the Depressed Anonymous Workbook (See Home Study Kit) we can find answers to our questions about depression as they unfold from reflections about our life today. We will take the time and make the effort to unravel from our lives where we find our selves powerless and our lives out of control.

For example in Question  #1.11  in the Workbook it asks the reader: When have you most felt powerless over anything in your life?  How did you handle your feelings of powerlessness then?

I  believe that by looking over our past  difficult life events and circumstances which you have faced and overcome,  this in itself suggests  that you can do it again.

By reading the personal stories in our  Depressed Anonymous book, you have definite proof that those persons who follow the  12 Step program of recovery  no longer feel powerless. Now with the help of the Steps, the Fellowship of Depressed Anonymous and the tools provided for recovery, life becomes manageable. That’s a Promise!

SOURCES:  HOME STUDY KIT  (Visit the store)

Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition and The Depressed Anonymous Workbook together, include  the Home Study Kit. Each group benefits by utilizing both at every meeting.

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