What is your middle name?

No one ever calls me by my middle name. How about  you? The only person that used my middle name, which happens to be Louis, was my Dad. And when my Dad used all three of my names, with emphasis upon Louis I knew I was in trouble. Big  trouble. Well,  that is another story. I haven’t the time nor the  wish to go into that at this time.  It really  has nothing to do with depression. You’re right.

What I want to share today with you is something about who we are as a 12 Step program of recovery. As you may know, people and their families have coat of arms with some fancy  pictures of shields, words etc.  Here at Depressed Anonymous we too have our coat of arms, let’s for simple sake call them Logo’s. It’s our brand name if you will. Our logo  shows footsteps. At the bottom are the words


These words are our mission statement. They tell others who we are and what we are   do.  First of all we provide hope for those still suffering from depression. That’s what we do. Secondly, we provide service  as members of our  fellowship. We sponsor ZOOM  and SKYPE meetings everyday.  When someone calls and is hurting we   respond.  We have sponsors who help others with their Step Program. We have books and literature for those who are seeking more information on how to help themselves. We provide an email address where we can also be connected with anyone night and day. And finally, we are a fellowship, united in an  effort to help others who are depressed and want an online and f2f program of recovery for their own recovery. We are here and we all in the fellowship and  are no longer alone. Depression?  We get it! We know. We’ve been there and done that.  No more. With all of the services that we provide there are no fees or charge. We are all serving others because we ourselves have been served. Served with the opportunity to have HOPE.

So, now you know what middle names are important. They reall give an added dimension to who we are as people. You can call me by my middle  Louis  if you choose. That will make me feel like family. 🙂

M. Louis S.



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