Skills and tools  to help  you recover from your depression.

As the name suggests, when it comes to self care, you are in the driver’s seat. The steps you take and the decisions you make in every aspect of your life–nutrition, sleep, exercise, relaxation, even a hobby or a friendship – will help determine how well your depression responds to treatment. In this section of the website you’ ll find information on each of the key components of self-care:

Educating yourself – learn the facts about your diagnosis and your treatment plan.

Sleep- take steps to develop healthier sleep habits.

Exercise – physical activity is a critical component to emotional wellness. Learn how to develop an exercise program that’s right for you.

Nutrition – learn more  about good nutrition, and develop your own healthy eating plan. (DASH  )

Sticking with your plan- do what it takes to follow your treatment plan.

Managing Stress – learn to identify the signs of stress, and find out about the many different techniques you can try to manage it.

Positive self talk – learn how to recognize negative or unproductive thought patterns and turn them around

Journaling – learn the benefits of writing down your thoughts and feelings, and how to get started keeping a journal.

Spirituality – find out what’s involved in developing your own spiritual  practice, and why many people find it helpful.

Support systems – think about the role  other people play in your recovery, and what you can do to build a strong support system,

Coping at work – develop  strategies for staying healthy and productive on the job.

Setting goals – understand  the importance of setting goals, and learn how to make goal -setting work for you.

SOURCES : Home Study ProgramOnline support program, using a sponsor and working the 12 Steps and spiritual principles via emails.  Depressed Anonymous Home Study Program utilizing the Depressed Anonymous Workbook and the Depressed Anonymous Manual.

Sources: Self-care depression Program: Antidepressant Skills Workbook. And tools for recovery at MENU WEBSITE (



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