“There is Hope—and we Do recover.” DA “ZOOM” MEETING

There is hope…and we do recover!
This is the name of the ZOOM group now operating with three DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS ONLINE
groups per week. What could be better than that.

I personally find the name of this mutual-aid 12 step group to be a “right on” description of what happens during it’s live online meetings. Those who come aboard soon learn that this is not only a safe place to share their “story” but is a place to discover others stories of how they are leaving the prison of their depression. And if you are one of those, like me who are looking to find hope and a plan to make it happen for your own life, you are in the right place.

Now in group meetings you won’t find people giving you a counterfeit hope, a hope that is not based on reality, but on their own personal experience. Those who are frequent group members of Depressed Anonymous, and who want to have a social contract with others on a personal basis, find that they have found a home with others like themselves. No strangers here. No counterfeit promises of sudden healing. You will be provided with a plan that has stood the test of time, for those who continue to be recipients of its power and enduring hope.

You will learn the strength of living life, not with grandiose sugar plum fairies dancing in your head, but with the hard work (yes, it takes work, time and prayer) of coming to meetings, reading the Depressed Anonymous literature, plus doing something. Yes, do something!

Start with the smallest thing, by clicking onto a DA meeting online or at Skype, and just listening in to the discussions of its members, new and old. No one has to talk. My own experience is this: those who come to their first meeting–yes, their first meeting will probably hear others share stories that are similar to their own.

Start small at first in things that need to be done for your own recovery. Move the body and the mind will follow. Get out of bed at a certain time every day. Water a plant that needs watering. Sweep the kitchen floor. Be creative. Commit to at least six meetings a week online. Skype is available everyday on line. Zoom is on three or four times a week.
And please, when that little voice inside your head says “I’ll do it when I feel better”
ignore it and do what needs to be done now. Do it now. Not tomorrow. Yesterday is gone. All we have is NOW!

My vision is for all of us who were depressed or are depressed today, is to find the plan and the place where they can and do find hope and a great fellowship we call Depressed Anonymous.

Remember these powerful words–write them down. There is HOPE …and we Do Recover.
(c) Hugh S

What’s in your mind today?

How about talking about character building today. Ok?

In our book, I’LL DO IT WHEN I FEEL BETTER, there are some short paragraphs, explaining how character is built in our own lives.

” And how does one build character but by learning the tenets of one’s own faith traditions or practices and trying to live them out in one’s own daily life. It is in the simple process of being willing, honest and open about the best paths to take in overcoming our negative life attachments that trust can be attained.

…Character can be built by truth and the willingness to list the truth in ourselves. It can be a painful search but it will reveal that it’s all right
to be imperfect and not have all the answers and not to be perfect. It’s all right to trust others with our deepest fears and hurts, and to know that we can still be loved and respected even though we share how bad and evil we considered ourselves over the years. It will be evident in time that one’s feelings of deep sadness did not come out of nowhere but indeed was the result of the way we were led to believe and think about ourselves.

I believe that I can honestly say that the co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous
say it best when they point out the basis of trust in ourselves comes about when our purpose and mission in this life begins to be realized. We are now on a different basis: the basis of trusting and relying upon God rather than our finite selves. Just to the extent that we do as we think He would have us do, and honestly rely on Him, does He enable us to match calamity with serenity.

Every member of every 12 Step fellowship is aware of the power of the following prayer, which in itself has been found to produce and promote the growth of trust in the lives of those who pray this prayer:

” God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Copyright(c) I’ll D0 It When I Feel Better. 2nd ed. (2013) Hugh M. Smith Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville.KY. Pages 82-83.

Copyright(c) Depressed Anonymous, 3rd ed.(2012) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville, KY. Page 79, Eighth Step.


Depressed Anonymous is available in E Book format and can be downloaded.

YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE! Something good can happen to you today!!!

“Let’s listen to that long denied part of us that speaks out in favor of change, – that voice of hope that says we will feel cheerful one day. The small part of us that says that we should risk going to this meeting and admit that yes, I am depressed and yes, I am going to find my way out of this prison by taking stock of my strengths and by beginning to want to hope. You do have a choice. You can begin to let go of your fears of what life will be like without this constant gnawing feeling inside of you that produces that awful jitteriness. You will find lots of acceptance from the group as you listen to the many ways others like yourself have surrendered their problems to their Higher Power and have begun to find a peace and sanity that they never thought existed. The old tapes in your head will whisper that there is no hope for you, that no one is as badly off as you are, and that nobody will want to help you as you don’t deserve anything anyway. Often these old tapes have been with us since childhood and many of our adult depressions have their roots in our childhood. Many people do not remember much of their childhood, but repressing memories does not mean that the emotions belonging to these experiences in childhood disappear.

copyright (c) Depressed Anonymous,3rd edition (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications.Pgs. 36-37. Louisville, KY
DAP Box 465, Pewee Valley, KY 40241.



”  What do you remember as strengths before being aware that you are depressed? Going to  Depressed Anonymous meetings (now on ZOOM  and SKYPE) has the potential to restore your sense of proportion about your strong points. At the meetings your friends in the fellowship will begin to tell  how you are showing  improvement the more you are participating in the meetings. To listen to those  who themselves are working the program  and who share their lives week after week, you begin to realize that you too  can begin to feel differently. Today can be a new   start  and yes, you do have it within yourself to be that person who is reversing old negative patterns of thinking and replacing them with thoughts of hope and optimism. You now believe that there is hope for yourself. Right now your strength seems to be that of maintaining a habitual way of thinking thoughts of hope. By the fact that you are reading this, takes the strength  to want to feel good and continue to maintain a positive recovery. Begin now and reflect on your strengths. Believe  that you have a way to maintain them each day. Your personal strengths maintain a personal persistence and desire to continue with gratitude this new feeling  of hope.”

As a therapist I would usually start my counseling  session with a few questions for the counselee. I would ask them to write down five or six things that they liked about themselves–strengths. Invariably they would  sit there, notepad in hand,  watching the hand on the wall clock, gradually moving forward.  (I might add that this question and answer session would  not be too difficult for most of those who came for counseling. )  But for the depressed, it is a different story. Most could be unable to list any strengths on the list. I would ask them if they needed a little more time? Usually not. I would then tell them that just coming through the door to see a counselor showed immense strength.  I told them that seeking help probably is a strength that could open up more doors for their own healing and serenity.

My final session always concluded with the question that started our sessions together – asking them to  list all their  strengths. The answer this time was quite different. No surprise to me.

Depressed Anonymous meetings  can all provide the same help in giving us a  look at our newfound strengths. Come to a f2f meeting or an Online meeting and discover this   for yourselves. You will be happy that you did.


Copyright(c) Believing is seeing: 15 ways to leave the  prison of depression. Hugh Smith. (2020) Louisville. KY. Page 57-59.  (The Eleventh Way).
Copyright(c) The Depressed Anonymous Workbook(2002) Depressed Anonymous Workbook. Louisville. Ky.
Copyright(c) Depressed Anonymous,3rd ed. (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. KY.





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Go to Facebook and type in Depressed Anonymous.

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A call will be sent out to those  joining Depressed  Anonymous  5  minutes before meeting.  Click onto the JOIN  CALL button. And  there you  are.




I will make a daily inventory of all my strengths.




I will make a daily inventory of all my positive strengths. I tended to magnify the worst in everything in my life and make mountains out of molehills. I will focus on my stars and not my scars.


“One of the  problems of being depressed is that every circumstance and situation is filled with potential hurt and disappointment. The depressed  person has a tendency to think in patterns of despair, hurt, and disappointment. It appears to be a proven fact that  the more a person keeps their fears and anxious  thoughts  to themselves, this can cause the mountain to grow larger. But by sharing these  fears  and thoughts with  others, either by writing them out, as in a daily journal, or group discussion (like on SKYPE and ZOOM) we soon discover that our fears are not as big as we thought. The expression of fear  many times decreased  the size of their fear.  Now that we are accepting ourselves we can begin to see that we possess the  strength and persistence to tackle whatever obstacle lies ahead.

One of the features that stands out in our lives when depressed  is  we see everything in dark colors. Nothing looks  hopeful. There does not appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel – except that it might be an oncoming freight train. We feel that we do not have a friend in  the world. We feel that we’ll never feel good again. The list goes on and on.

What may be of some help is to take out pen and pencil and begin writing down your good points that you feel are your strengths. We have already done this,  but it still remains an excellent exercise no matter how often you do it.

What do you remember as strengths before being aware  that you are depressed?  Going to  Depressed Anonymous meetings has the potential to restore your sense of proportion about  your strong points. At the meetings your friends in the fellowship will  begin to tell  you are showing improvement the more you are participating in  the meetings. To listen to those who themselves are working the program and who share their lives week after week, you begin to realize that you too can begin to feel differently. Today can be a new start and  yes, you do have it within yourself to be that person who is reversing old negative patterns of thinking and replacing them  with thoughts of hope and optimism.   You now believe that there is hope for yourself.  Right  now your strength seems to be that of maintaining a habitual  way of thinking thoughts of hope.  By the fact that you are reading this, takes the strength to want to feel good and continue to maintain a positive recovery. Begin now and reflect on your strengths. Believe that you  have a way to maintain a personal persistence and desire to continue with gratitude for this new feeling of hope.”

NOTE: Take your pen and/or  pencil and begin writing your thoughts down in response to the questions posed in the DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS WORKBOOK.  Depressed Anonymous Publications.


Copyright(c)  Believing is seeing: 15 ways to leave the prison of depression. (2020) Hugh Smith. Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. KY. Pages 57-59.

Copyright(c) The Depressed Anonymous Workbook. (2002) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. KY.

Copyright(c) Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition. (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville, KY.

These basic books of the  Depressed Anonymous Fellowship can be ordered online.

See: www.depressed anon.con.


To receive  a mailing of Depressed Anonymous literature, send a Self addressed stamped envelope to : DAP, Box 465 , Pewee Valley, Kentucky. 40056. 

The material can be used as “handouts”  at your local Depressed Anonymous meetings.



What is your middle name?

No one ever calls me by my middle name. How about  you? The only person that used my middle name, which happens to be Louis, was my Dad. And when my Dad used all three of my names, with emphasis upon Louis I knew I was in trouble. Big  trouble. Well,  that is another story. I haven’t the time nor the  wish to go into that at this time.  It really  has nothing to do with depression. You’re right.

What I want to share today with you is something about who we are as a 12 Step program of recovery. As you may know, people and their families have coat of arms with some fancy  pictures of shields, words etc.  Here at Depressed Anonymous we too have our coat of arms, let’s for simple sake call them Logo’s. It’s our brand name if you will. Our logo  shows footsteps. At the bottom are the words


These words are our mission statement. They tell others who we are and what we are   do.  First of all we provide hope for those still suffering from depression. That’s what we do. Secondly, we provide service  as members of our  fellowship. We sponsor ZOOM  and SKYPE meetings everyday.  When someone calls and is hurting we   respond.  We have sponsors who help others with their Step Program. We have books and literature for those who are seeking more information on how to help themselves. We provide an email address where we can also be connected with anyone night and day. And finally, we are a fellowship, united in an  effort to help others who are depressed and want an online and f2f program of recovery for their own recovery. We are here and we all in the fellowship and  are no longer alone. Depression?  We get it! We know. We’ve been there and done that.  No more. With all of the services that we provide there are no fees or charge. We are all serving others because we ourselves have been served. Served with the opportunity to have HOPE.

So, now you know what middle names are important. They reall give an added dimension to who we are as people. You can call me by my middle  Louis  if you choose. That will make me feel like family. 🙂

M. Louis S.



Get out of “park” and put ‘er in first.

Hey, so good of you to come to our BLOG here at Depressed Anonymous website. We try and give encouragement to those of us “who are still suffering from depression” And let me tell you, we are not alone. Again, we are not alone. We  all have work to do. I have work to do–you have work to do. We are in  this  together.

Have you ever felt like, “what’s the use”  or  ” I just can’t seem to get into gear.” Many days in my life, some more recent.  I just feel like I want to stay in “park.”  I can’t get in gear. My mind says “let’s get in gear.” My body says, “No, I feel comfortable right where I am at.”  So there is the problem. How to put my body in first gear so as to get moving?

I think all of us have heard the saying about making it to a 12 Step meeting. It goes like this: There are two times I should   go to my 12 Step meeting. One, when I want to go to a meeting and two, when I don’t want to go to a meeting. That sort of breaks It down in a language that I get.  Simple. Basic. No gobblygook nonsense.  That’s what I call getting in first gear. We get the car(body ) moving. We don’t go to the remote or surf and expect anything that might do us any good.  We put another quarter in the “parking meter. ”

In the book “I’ll do it when I feel better,”  I write  about procrastination.  I know about it. I lived it.  If you want to know anything about procrastination, I’m you’re “go to guy.”  Most days I get that little red flag that pops up in the meter. Expired.  And when that happens you never have seen me move so fast. Out of park in record time.

This is one of my character defects.  I am blatant at it. It might be a hidden anger problem–you know, I really don’t want to go to work today.  So my body wants to slip back into “park.” So, where am I going with all this?

Let me tell you this. When I was depressed my life was definitely past “park” and I just  gave up.  What’s the use. Eventually, coming to my senses, I knew that I needed help.   I ended up in a 12 Step group. This move was the best move I have ever made in my life. Really.  The fellowship, but most importantly putting the spiritual principals of the  12 Steps got me moving toward health , sanity and a program of self-care that has been my moving force for most of my adult life. For that I am grateful to the God of my understanding., or my Higher Power.

Are you depressed. If so, join us. We are online everyday with our fellowship. We are the  Depressed Anonymous fellowship.  Everyday, I hear and see  good people doing good things for those others, like ourselves, now,  who have found a “spark plug”  if you  will in the leadership of all those lives which have been changed. I mean CHANGE.  Hear the good news. There is hope. I can hear good news everyday. Set your watch. Go to a SKYPE or ZOOM meeting and hear how others have got moving. They are  on it and now they want to help others. If you  are out there  and wanting to feel differently and live with hope,  check us out online.

Fire up that body of yours and your  mind will follow right along. For info on our fellowship, please come to this website (www.depressedanon.com)  and read and listen and be part of a world where hope starts and resides. Be part of the solution. ZOOM and SKYPE groups are looking forward to meeting you. Don’t wait. We are like you.


Hugh, a recovering  procrastinator and member of the DA fellowship.