Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Is Depressed Anonymous a class? Does someone teach this class?

Answer: Depressed Anonymous is neither a class nor does someone, such as a professional lead the group. We are a mutual aid group where each of us brings our own experience and shares them with each other. We also live our life based on the 12 Steps, the  suggested  spiritual principles of Depressed Anonymous.

Question:  How much does it cost to join the group?

Answer: There are no fees or dues. All a person needs for membership is a sincere desire to keep from saddening themselves.

Question:  Can you come to a meeting even if you are not depressed?  Like a family member or a friend of someone  depressed?

Answer:  Yes, in fact we  encourage family members participation in the group. The more we attend meetings the more likely we are to get a better understanding of the experience and nature of depression.

Question: What position does Depressed  Anonymous take with regard to antidepressant Tablets?

Answer: Depressed Anonymous takes no position on  medications. We are a support group which has as its base a spiritual foundation as laid out in the 12 Steps. We are not professionally led. We do not discuss topics of a religious nature which are specifically oriented to one religious faith or  another. One’s personal medication regimen as well as religious preference is solely the resapoinsibility of that individual and is not discussed in the group meeting.

Question:  Do I have to give a talk if I attend a meeting?

Answer: No one is asked to say more than their first name at a DA meeting. We have all been where you have been, namely as a newcomer and we respect one’s right to talk only when one feels ready to talk. Every member of the group is given the understanding that when they have a turn to talk they can just say “PASS”  and everyone is very OK with that.

Question: How many meetings will it take before I am no longer depressed?

Answer: That is a question that we can’t answer. I believe that even though my good days are now more frequent and my bad days less, I still keep coming back to meetings so as to help myself and give help to others still suffering. Our program is one that you don’t graduate from –it is a lifelong fellowship where one continues to learn that to stay well means to keep connected  with the group, use the daily spiritual tools that keep us all out of the prison of depression.


Source: Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition. (2011) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville.

22 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”

    1. Hi Rachel
      At the present time there are no DA groups in NYC. Hard to believe but we do know that there must be thousands of people who can use our program of recovery. Have you thought about an Home Study Program? I think that would be a good start until you can find a few others who would be happy to join you.

    1. Hello Gabrielle
      No, not at this time. But hopefully someday. And thank you for your interest in our program of recovery.
      Take care
      Hugh for the fellowship

    1. Hello Kendi
      We do not know of any Depressed Anonymous meetings in your locality. For those who do not have a meeting in their area we can recommend a Home Study Program for those who have no group to attend. The Home program also enables those who wish, to start their own program in their community.
      For those who do use the program of recovery, Depressed Anonymous provides a sponsor who will help with walking you through the steps.
      Also, you might like to read through the Blogs on our website as a start in getting a good understanding of the Steps and how they can help us understand ourselves and our dealing with depression.
      I hope this helps. Write to us at for more information.
      Thank you

    1. At the present time there are no Depressed Anonymous groups in Cleveland–sorry to say! If a few persons would like to set up a group–we will help support that effort.

      Thank you
      Hugh for the fellowship

  1. Hello Mr. Smith,
    My name is Mary Mondt a friend of Debra Sanford I took over her Elizabeth City group at her request. I recently moved the DA group meeting from 300 pearl st to : Sentara Albemarle Hospital 1144 N road st Education room #3 Elizabeth City ,NC 27909 It is well lit safe and handicap accessible. The meetings remain Thursday nights 6 to 7 PM Tried to register the address but was unable could you help? Our email is Right now we have 4 regulars but hope to build Talked to the Administrator of the Hospital who was kind enough to give us that room and said we could hang a brochure there. Regarding the brochure can I use sentences or a phrase in its contents? My phone # is 316-573-7245 I’m in my 70’s and have been in DA 2 plus years Thank You

  2. I desperately need a sponsor or support/buddy to help me through my depression. I currently have no support, no one around me who understands–or who wants to understand. How can I find someone who is willing to be there for me, and let me be there for them? I’m open to a phone sponsor, but would rather not do chat. I need to hear a human voice when I’m struggling.

    FYI, I’m in Dallas, TX.

    1. Hello Kelly
      Thank you for your letter. I will attempt to find a sponsor for you. I recommend the Home Study Program of DA for you. I already am working with three people and one national group of DA members and so that is about all I can handle for now. But, I would recommend our Home Study KIT where we use emails between sponsor and sponsee using our DA Workbook. The Workbook and Manual, 3rd edition are coordinated so that one can read the Book and then answer questions from Workbook as they fit your own situation and depression. Depression is unique to each individual. These valuable texts can be ordered online at at the Depressed Anonymous Publications Bookstore.
      Even though the sponsor and sponsee use emails, there are times when the sponsee can talk (live on the phone.)
      Anyway, I do hope that you take a look at our website and read the various menu items on our homepage and see if this program is something that you might like to try for yourself.
      All the best to you Kelly –always have hope

  3. Hello,
    My name is Dana. I live in Denver, CO. It doesn’t look like there are any DA groups on CO. How does one go about starting one?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Dana
      Thank you for your request of a meeting site. I am sorry there are not more DA meetings–and in particular in your home State of CO. We do offer two On line Meetings which are International and are on two different days of the week Sunday and Wednesday. They both are in English-The Sunday meeting is at 14.30PM ( Central European Time) which is 9:30AM (Central Standard Time) Louisville Ky.
      The Wednesday meeting is at 17.00PM and lunch time 12 Noon in Canada and Louisville. If you go to your own time zone in Denver, you will be able to join in the SKYPE group meeting.
      The following is the link to the meetings, both of them, Sunday and Wednesday. The link: The meetings are run just like going to a real DA meeting.
      If you would like to start a meeting I advise you to go to our Website homepage at and click onto the Newsletter Archives -Read the Fall Issue of the Newsletter Issue #1 as there is some very good information on starting a Meeting. Also, Issue # 4 has a good piece on starting a meeting.
      I would be happy to help in any way that I can or our team can. Also, you might check out our Publications Bookstore for more info. Let’s say this: You also would well to get a another friend to help you set it up and organize the meeting. It does take some work and a commitment –but I know that getting involved with others depressed does help us as well.

      Take care and thanks for your interest Please look at FAQ at the menu for insights.
      Hugh S.

    1. At the present time there are no groups in these areas. Sorry about that. You can go online at ZOOM and Skype if you like. These are excellent groups and they are live. Go to our site at and at the homepage you will find how to contact zoom and Skype meeting times.

  4. I am very interested in learning more. I am from Herriman, Utah (Salt Lake City area.)
    I would like to join a group or start a group in my area. Can you please direct me where to go and what to do?
    Thank you Debbie S

    1. Debbie S,

      This is Bill R, and I’m one of the new bloggers here at Depressed Anonymous.

      Your question had 2 parts and I’ll answer them in sections:

      Joining a group – what resources are available to me?

      The list of meetings that we maintain here at the website does not show a current face to face meeting in Utah. There may be DA meetings in Utah, but we are not aware of any.

      Many DA groups are holding online meetings through Skype or Zoom (no endorsement real or implied). If you go to our page: it contains several online meetings during the week. If you attend one of these meetings they may make you aware of other online meetings that we are not currently aware of.

      I firmly believe that Depressed Anonymous is the best way to recover from depression, but I want to make you aware of other resources that you may want to explore.

      All US states have mental health departments that may be able to point you to local resources. Most US counties also have mental health departments that you could also reach out to for support.

      The National Alliance on Mental Health sometimes has lists of resources applicable to your region of the country.

      The Depressed Bipolar Support Alliance (supporting people who have depression or bipolar disorder and their loved ones) has face to face meetings in many areas of the country and may be able to point you to local resources.

      Depression is a chronic disease that can be managed with treatment. Keep up the fight, you are worth it.

      Starting a group – What can I use to help me start one?

      The best resources for starting a Depressed Anonymous group can be found in the DA Manual and DA Workbook. For more information about the literature and how to order go to the page Depressed Anonymous Literature.

      Many, but certainly not all of us in DA, are members of other 12 step fellowships. The lessons learned in those other fellowships (the steps, the traditions, how a meeting runs, public outreach) can all be used when starting a DA group. Personally I am a member of another 12 step fellowship (which one doesn’t matter), and I used that experience to help me start a local DA meeting in my area 2 years ago. This experience by no means is required, but it was helpful for me.

      There is no leader, per se, at a DA meeting. A meeting is facilitated by a member volunteer, typically reading an introductory script about Depressed Anonymous and how the meeting will be run. Then the meeting transitions to open sharing on a topic. Topics can be suggested by the facilitator, or topics can be taken from the floor. People share from their own experience about the topic on hand. There is no advice at a DA meeting, just a sharing of experience: what worked, and what didn’t work for the person sharing.

      Yours in recovery, Bill R

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