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Updated 26 April 2021, added meetings for Iran
Updated 22 April 2021, new link for 17:30 UK meeting
Updated 29 March 2021, new Zoom meeting info for Sunday 4:00pm Mountain Time meeting



Depressed Anonymous Journeys of Hope

Link from Monday 26 April 2021:

Around 5-10 minutes before the meeting starts there will be a green button labeled JOIN CALL. Click on the green button and you’ll enter the call. As soon as you enter the call, you’re automatically added to the meeting. You can choose to enter the meeting as audio only, or you can turn on your camera for an audio/video meeting.

If you need information on the meeting before you join a meeting then please write a message to the following contact:

Daily at 17:30 UK Time

Meetings in English. EVERYDAY – 17:30 UK Time, which is normally 12:30pm Eastern Time. Differences between when Europe and the US enter daylight savings time mean that for several weeks in the spring and fall the meeting will be at 1:30pm Eastern Time.

Tuesday evening at 7:30pm ET

Topic meeting in English. This meetings follows the US rules regarding Daylight Savings Time.

Wednesday evening at 7:30pm ET

Topic meeting in English. This meetings follows the US rules regarding Daylight Savings Time.

Sunday afternoon at 4:00pm Mountain Time (UTC -7:00)

Group Name

Hope for Today, Depressed Anonymous meeting

Group Type

Depressed Anonymous 12 Step meeting

Day & Time

Sunday at 4:00-5:00 pm Mountain Time



Online Venue


828 7881 3776 (No password needed) Updated 29 March 2021, new Zoom meeting info for Sunday 4:00pm Mountain Time meeting


Randy R and Mike B

Contact Information


Origination Location

Denver, Colorado

First meeting Date

Sunday, March 28, 2021


Zoom meeting

MONDAYS 6:30 – 7:30 pm AEST (GMT+10:00) – 4:30 am EST

      ID: 966 940 7803
PASSWORD: 497871

Online Russian meetings

Information below is from which is in Russian.
Translation below performed by Google Translate (
Moscow Standard Time is GMT+3:00 (EST+8:00)

Anonymous Depressive Online YES-O
Meeting Schedule
Links to groups and other resources

18:30 Moscow time YES “Healing” – BK YES and Diary YES
20:00 Moscow time YES “Skeptic – Without pathos about 12 steps

14:00 Moscow time YES “Dawn”
17:00 Moscow time YES “Master” – Fairytale therapy
18:30 Moscow time YES “Healing” – All because of me. The truth about perfectionism.

14:00 Moscow time YES “Book Club” – To gain self-confidence.
18:30 Moscow time YES “Shvera” Moscow – BK YES

14:00 Moscow time YES “Dawn”
14:00 Moscow time YES “Carousel” – Leadership meeting with a mentor
18:30 Moscow time YES “Healing” – BK YES and Diary YES

14:00 Moscow time YES “Master” – Dorothy Rowe Out of the prison of depression
18:00 Moscow time YES “Book Club” – 7 qualities of God and other books

12:00 Moscow time YES “Master” – Relationships. Melody Beatty
14:00 First Saturday of the month – Working meeting of the DA-Online intergroup
14:00 Last Saturday of the month – YES “Book Club” – Speaker’s room according to 12 traditions
18:30 Moscow time YES “Shvera” Moscow – BK YES
19:00 Moscow time Dep-Anon “Nadezhda” – for relatives of depressed

10:00 Moscow time YES “Balance” (BAR / TIR) – Speaker room or meeting on the topic
16:00 Moscow time YES “Dawn”

Meeting links
YES “Master”
YES “Balance (BAR / TIR)”
YES “Healing” Monday
YES “Healing” Tuesday
YES “Healing” Thursday
YES “Skeptic”
YES “Book Club”
YES “Sleepless Anonymous”
Dep-Anon “Hope”
(you need to write a message in this open group, add to the closed group for meetings)
YES “Carousel” WhatsApp +7 989 832-68-90 Vadim
YES “Dawn”
YES “Shvera”

YES Online information
(meeting announcements only)

YES Online channel with speakers on YouTube

Chat rooms for communication
YES “Master”

YES “Healing”

YES Moscow “Shvera”

YES “Peter”

Support.Chronicle YES

YES voice

YES “Sleepless Anonymous”
(chat for those with sleep problems)

YES “Master” – sponsors, psychologists, psychotherapists, group schedules, support for a Youtube channel, assistance in organizing a meeting on any topic
YES “Healing” – small group steps YES
YES “Balance” – research work on BAR (TIR), a platform for speakers
Dep-Anon “Nadezhda” – support for relatives of depressed


In contact with

YES “Karusel”, YES “Rassvet”, DA International Skype Group,,, YES Moscow “Shvera”, YES “Peter”, are not included in the DA-Online intergroup, but the same as YES-Online are part of the global YES community.



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We seek to prevent depression through education and by creating a supportive and caring community through support groups that successfully keep individuals from relapsing into depression.