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The Depressed Anonymous HOME STUDY PROGRAM is designed to provide you with a step by step plan of action. Used at Depressed Anonymous meetings, the HOME STUDY PROGRAM is now available for those who do not have a DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS GROUP in their community. The power of the HOME STUDY PROGRAM is that you work at your own pace.

Initiate self-directed this self-help program, order the HOME STUDY KIT which includes a WORKBOOK and the DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS MANUAL or as some call it, “THE BIG BOOK of DA.” You can also order both these books, THE DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS MANUAL and THE DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS WORKBOOK in an eBOOK format and you can order and download or order online from Amazon.com or from Depressed Anonymous Publications. The eBook option is the most cost effective option.

THE DA WORKBOOK coordinates with the DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS MANUAL and is filled with questions which are designed to lead you deeper into the reasons/causes that brought you PRESENTLY to this point in your life. The suggested format, whether a Home Study Program or a DA Group Meeting, is to break the Manual and accompanying Workbook into 4 sections, within each of the 12 Steps. Following this format takes approximately one year to complete the 12 steps.

This might seem like a long time, however, as stated on page 157 – 3rd paragraph in the Manual:

In this natural world, one of the first laws is that all growth is gradual.

This is a marathon, not a sprint! Your goal should be to evolve into a Depressed Anonymous Weekly Meeting with others that suffer from the pains of depression and want to get better.


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  1. I’ve struggled with depression most of my life. I recently heard about a Depressed Anonymous group in La Crosse, WI, but that’s still over 100 miles away. I’d like to learn more, and would like to start a group in my area. I belong to NAMI, but much of NAMI deals with mental illness other than depression. I do see a therapist on a regular basis, but would love a support group.

    1. Hi Terri
      Thank you for your post. If you are looking for a Daily Meditation Book, then possibly you are referring to Higher Thoughts for Down Days: 365 daily thoughts and meditations for members of 12 step fellowship groups. This is published by Depressed Anonymous Publications. You can order it by going to Depressed Anonymous website. The Book is available on KINDLE as well.
      Hope this information is helpful.

  2. I really relate and would like to work this program. Can I either work with another person like a buddy system? And/or pls can you send me a home study pack?
    Would I need to check in with anyone?
    Sorry about all my questions, I will look really forward to hearing back from you/someone.


  3. I really relate and would like to work this program. Can I either work with another person like a buddy system? And/or pls can you send me a home study pack?
    Would I need to check in with anyone?

    1. You made it! Welcome and congratulations on your test. Whatz up? Hope you like what you find here at our site.

    2. Happy New Year! A major resolution of mine for 2019 is to home study the DABB ( Depressed Anonymous Big Book) and its Manual. I also have a book with a fascinating title about ‘doing it when I feel better.’ I have a few cups of coffee in AA, so I will enjoy this home study! And, yes, my goal is to organize a group in about a year, when I finish the studies. I had to state this somewhere official because a day at a time, I am committed to this path. Happy 2019 fellowship members!
      From: Eve IvoryMist (not real name, I’m anonymous!)

  4. Hello, I have tried several times to order the home study kit and the manual and workbook without being able to find them. Can you send me a link? Thank you, Michelle Rice.

    1. Good Morning Michelle
      Thank you for your interest in the Home Study Kit. Sorry that it was difficult to access.
      Here is what you can do–it will lead you right to where you can order the Kit.
      Go to 1) Depressed Anonymous Website. 2) Scroll down to last row of titles on the Menu and click onto -VISIT OUR STORE and then 3)Click onto Visit the Depressed Anonymous Bookstore/
      This will take you to 4)Depressed Anonymous Publications-Right corner of the top of the page. Featured Item: Home Study Kit. Click on and order.
      When you order you will be sent a post saying your books have been ordered. Then the day it is shipped you will receive a notification.
      Hope this helps.
      Hugh, for the Fellowship.

  5. I now have the depressed anon book and the da workbook but
    I am unsure(brain fog) how to go thro the course. Can anyone guide me?

    1. Hi Jim

      I will happy to assist you as I can. I will be in contact with you by email this afternoon. My email address is depanon@netpenny.net. I will also send a file about the Home Study program of recovery which you may find helpful.

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