Depression Is Baffling


The following paragraph has been submitted by a Depressed Anonymous member from one of our groups in North Carolina, USA.

“I just want to think all day… And I want to lay down  and think  all day. I want to think and overthink  until I figure it all out and until its all OK… I feel like an elephant is sitting on me and it’s   just easier to just stay down than it is to try and get him off of me… I had so much to do today and yet none of it is  calling me as loud as my bed is.  Depression is baffling… Wicked and so mean. I pray to just be a little bit productive today for my soul’s sake…. Prayers   welcomed.”

Debra S.

Comment: How true. I tried to figure it all out and always ended up where I started. I never really figured it out. Finally, I found the key. I found the key when I attended my first 12 step meeting. Have you found the key yet?

We seek to prevent depression through education and by creating a supportive and caring community through support groups that successfully keep individuals from relapsing into depression.