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Higher Thoughts for Down Days
365 Daily Meditations for 12 step folks 221 Pages 8 1/2″ x 11″ bound soft cover. This is the right book for those of us who want to think and reflect on those Higher Thoughts written by persons who know how to use the 12 step tools for recovery. Each day’s thought is a positive resource for one’s recovery from depression. Every one of these Higher Thoughts is a golden nugget mined from 12 step literature. If you want to enhance your prayer and meditation time and your conscious contact with your Higher Power, then this book is definitely for you!

This book is also available for the Kindle reader – Click here!

Depressed Anonymous
This is the REVISED 174 page inspiring “Big Book” of the 12 step fellowship of Depressed Anonymous. This innovative and workable approach provides a practical step by step plan for recovery from depression. The book provides over 30 testimonials of those persons who have successfully defeated their depression by being part of the fellowship and following the plan as outlined in this innovative approach to overcoming depression. The book, in it’s 3rd edition, is written by those who WERE depressed – they’ve been there and now they want to share with others, who like themselves, can hope and get well. Want to start a Depressed Anonymous group? This is the book for getting started! Contains the “how to’s” for group formation and sample meeting format.

Depressed Anonymous Workbook and Depressed Anonymous Workbook E-Book
8 1/2″ x 11″ soft cover. Anyone wanting to bear down on their depression and find a way out of the darkness – this DA Workbook turns a light on for that person willing to work! This Workbook serves as an important companion volume to the “Big Book” of the fellowship, namely DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS. The Workbook provides an in-depth approach to working each of the 12 steps – one at a time. This Workbook, besides being an individual project is also used in group discussions. Each quote in the Workbook is referenced to a source in the “Big Book.”

I’ll Do It When I Feel Better
This revised 2nd 125 page edition contains ten chapters. There is an introduction by the author as well as a first chapter giving an overview of the book. The following topics are discussed: Bill W., and depression; What is Depressed Anonymous; The Promises of Depressed Anonymous ; Compulsions and Choices; the addictive nature of depression; Hope; Trust; Spirituality and Depression; Prayer and Meditation. These ten chapters provide the reader and 12 Step participants with the author’s own experience and perspectives which he feels are essential in dealing effectively with all symptoms
The Promises of Depressed Anonymous

Shining a Light on the Dark Night of the Soul Retreat
This small work (40 pages) allows the reader to ask the questions “Who am I?” “What do I want?” and “Who is my God?”. The work also looks at different ways how shame and guilt have influenced us in our daily lives. This work contains all the various sessions of a Retreat given for those persons depressed. The reader will find a way to get their history straight, by looking back at various periods of one’s childhood and young adulthood. The retreat will help the reader get in touch with “shame attacks” which sometimes the mind throws at the person depressed.

8 1/2″ x 11″ Comb bound soft cover. A group reminiscing program for Seniors who are isolated and suffering from late life depression. This work contains program activities for the group members, a Leaders guide and discussion resource, and lesson plan for each of the session activites. Each participant in the day’s session can have their own individual handout for that day’s activities. The SENIORWISE program is an excellent tool for getting the isolated into a group fellowship where they can share their story. SENIORWISE helps to validate one’s life.

How to Hope and Let It Blossom
8 1/2″ x 11″ 18 pages Comb bound soft cover. A small, powerful, energizing work outlining the various ways to find a personal hope in a world of uncertainty. How the depressed desiring the comfort of certainty will remain depressed unless willing to risk change, and learn to live with uncertainty. The work also includes a good number of biblical passages referring to the subject of hope.

Dep-Anon Family Group Manual
8 1/2″ x 11″ Comb bound soft cover. 12 Step Guide for Families and Friends of the Depressed This manual now serves as a guide and inspiration for those family members and friends of the depressed who want to learn how to best take care of themselves while living with the depressed. Many times the family feels as isolated and depressed as the loved one. This work provides a veritable life raft as well as a group format for family members who want to join together and mutually support each other as they move through and out of the darkness. Just as Al-Anon works for family members of the alcoholic – Dep-Anon serves the same purpose for family members of the depressed. Every community needs a Dep-Anon family group

Depressed Once-Not Twice
A Spiritual Autobiography of the Journey Out of Depression 8 1/2″ x 11″ Comb bound soft cover. This is the personal journey of the founder of Depressed Anonymous. This is a great beginning book for those persons who are depressed. It is a good read for the newcomer to the fellowship of Depressed Anonymous. The reflections of the author mirror all of those who are depressed and who want to get better. It is an autobiography of hope. The Author provides us all with a way out.

Believing is Seeing: 15 Ways to Leave the Prison of Depression
6″ x 9″ 117 pages Paper Back This work is to help the reader work through the various issues that afflict the depressed individual. Believing is Seeing and the 15 WAYS are extra incentives that over the years have been found to help the depressed in the recovery process. They also serve as excellent discussion topics for group step study programs. These 15 WAYS are excellent companion pieces to the Depressed Anonymous Manual and the Depressed Anonymous Workbook.

A Medley of Depression Stories, Debra Sanford
This book is a medley of powerful short stories from different perspectives and experiences involving depression that can be read and pondered upon. They are meant to help the depressed person be able to relate and realize they are not alone in their thinking and depression. These depression stories contain a candid conversation and view and are filled with a lot of wisdom. We hope you can identify with some of these stories from others. May you find your wellness now.
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9 thoughts on “Visit Our Store”

  1. I have many difficulties w/ reading & comprehention, thru actuallly reading & ataining book knowledge, & understanding or absorbing what i read. I have a tendancy to become ahsamed & frustrated & usually give up, put the book away, & feel guilty for my own stupidity, illiteracy & imcompitence. CAN YOU HELP ME ! I’t the same thing w/ computers &,or technology… I just don’t GET IT !!! Is there any HOPE or Help for me ??? I don’t tweet, have Twitter, orFacebook & wouldn’t know what to do w/ them, if I did. Please Email me w/ a site, or link, where I can, maybe find help or sources that can assist me & my disfunctional ways of LIFE, as I know & live it. Yours despritly, Lynda C.J.F.

    1. Hello Lynda
      Go to and type in reading and comprehension problems. There is hope and there is healing possibilities with a twelve step program of recovery. Find out if there is a DA group in your community. You local chapter of nami will be a source of help for you I am sure. Or go directly to their website at and talk with someone live. I hope this can help.

  2. I couldn’t buy the books clicking on the link (it went to a blank page) but when I clicked on the facebook link at the top right, it took me to a page and then I clicked on “shop now” and was able to buy the books. (-:

  3. How can I find a group in my area? Are there in fact any groups in England? There are so many 12 step groups around – but DA seems very thin on the ground, if not invisible! I find this extraordinary… Maybe I’m missing the obvious but I’d be grateful for a list of DA meetings in England, and more particularly the nearest one to where I’m living. I’m in England and my postcode is DE56 2BL. Thank you šŸ˜Š

    1. Hello
      Sorry it has taken me so long to respond but I am still recovering from a surgical procedure.
      As far as we know there are no DA groups in England. You might want to check out our Home study Kit which is always a help to those who want to learn more about the steps and how to keep in recovery.
      All the best. HS

    1. Hello
      You can order the books at our website Click onto the DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS PUBLICATIONS BOOKSTORE at this site. Just put into you shopping cart any of the books that you wish to order. You can also order from at their site. WE do hope that this answers your question.
      If you need help you may also click onto VIST THE STORE. Let us know if you have any questions about ordering.
      Depressed Anonymous Publications

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