Depressed Anonymous Literature

Help comes in many forms. Some people do best with face to face interaction. Others need to read about a topic to fully absorb learning. The literature here is meant to help you on your journey of recovery from depression.

All titles are available in print format, many are also available in e-book format. If you are interested in purchasing a particular title there are links under that title on how to purchase them. You can purchase the titles from our own online store ( or if you prefer you can click the link to purchase from Amazon or Barnes & Noble (no endorsement real or implied). There may be other online retailers that sell these titles, but these are the ones that we are aware of.

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Good luck in your journey. We hope you find the information in our literature helpful.

Depressed Anonymous Titles

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Depressed Anonymous

This is the revised 174 page inspiring Big Book of the twelve step fellowship of Depressed Anonymous. This innovative and workable approach provides a practical step by step plan for recovery from depression. The book provides over 30 testimonials of those persons who have successfully defeated their depression by being part of the fellowship and following the plan as outlined in this innovative approach to overcoming depression. The book, in its 3rd edition, is written by those who were depressed – they’ve been there and now they want to share with others, who like themselves, can hope and get well. Want to start a Depressed Anonymous group? This is the book for getting started! Contains the how-to’s for group formation and sample meeting format.

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Depressed Anonymous Workbook

8 1/2″ x 11″ soft cover. Anyone wanting to bear down on their depression and find a way out of the darkness–this DA Workbook turns a light on for that person willing to work! This Workbook serves as an important companion volume to the Big Book of the fellowship, namely Depressed Anonymous. The Workbook provides an in-depth approach to working each of the 12 steps–one at a time. This Workbook, besides being an individual project, is also used in group discussions. Each quote in the Workbook is referenced to a source in the Big Book.

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The recent publication of Dep- Anon fulfills a need for support for the families and friends of the depressed. As a group we come together for mutual aid, and members share their experience, strength, and hope to show there is a way out of suffering with the loved one who has depression. Members are encouraged to put the focus on themselves and not on the depressed loved one’s isolation and apparent lack of motivation to get well.

This mutual aid group uses the spiritual principles of the 12 Steps and Traditions, combined with important information about the nature of depression. If you are familiar with Al-Anon, with its focus on families who have a loved one who is alcoholic, here too, the family takes care of itself and its own needs and not on the needs of the depressed one.

The book has 12 chapters with each chapter covering a different step. Each chapter has two primary sections: a) a discussion page on that particular Step and how it pertains to family and friends; and b) information on the nature of depression and its negative effect on the life of the family.

A new feeling of hope will begin to take hold within yourself and other family members, as you realize that this group is about you and your own recovery – and not putting all your energies into trying to get the loved one free of depression. You have discovered that these efforts to change the depressed one have resulted in your own frustration, disappointment and feelings of hopelessness. A lesson learned is that we cannot change anyone else. We must first change ourselves.

The members of Dep-Anon create a healthy environment for your support. By sharing our stories we focus on ourselves and our own recovery, not on the depressed one. People will share their own coping skills and provide information for our growth, our wellness, and our emotional balance.
There is hope … and we are not alone.

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Higher Thoughts for Down Days

366 Daily Meditations for 12 step folks. This is the right book for those of us who want to think and reflect on those Higher Thoughts written by persons who know how to use the 12 step tools for recovery. Each day’s thought is a positive resource for one’s recovery from depression. Every one of these Higher Thoughts is a golden nugget mined from 12 step literature. If you want to enhance your prayer and meditation time and your conscious contact with your Higher Power, then this book is definitely for you!

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I’ll Do It When I Feel Better

This revised 2nd 125 page edition contains ten chapters. There is an introduction by the author as well as a first chapter giving an overview of the book. The following topics are discussed: Bill W., and depression; What is Depressed Anonymous; The Promises of Depressed Anonymous; Compulsions and Choices; the addictive nature of depression; Hope; Trust; Spirituality and Depression; Prayer and Meditation. These ten chapters provide the reader and 12 Step participants with the author’s own experience and perspectives which he feels are essential in dealing effectively with all symptoms.

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Believing Is Seeing: 15 Ways To Leave The Prison Of Depression

This work is to help the reader work through the various issues that afflict the depressed individual. Believing is Seeing and the 15 WAYS are extra incentives that over the years have been found to help the depressed in the recovery process. They also serve as excellent discussion topics for group step study programs. These 15 WAYS are excellent companion pieces to the Depressed Anonymous Manual and the Depressed Anonymous Workbook.

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Depresivos Anónimos (Depressed Anonymous Spanish Edition)

Esta es la página revisada 164 inspiradora “libro grande” de la beca de 12 pasos de Depresivos Anónimos ahora en español. Este enfoque innovador y viable proporciona un práctico plan paso a paso para la recuperación de la depresión. El libro proporciona más de 30 testimonios de aquellas personas que han derrotado con éxito su depresión por ser parte de la comunión y siguiendo el plan como se describe en este enfoque innovador para superar la depresión. El libro, en su tercera edición, está escrito por aquellos que estaban deprimidos-que han estado allí y ahora quieren compartir con otros, que como ellos mismos, pueden esperar y ponerse bien. ¿Desea iniciar un grupo deprimido anónimo? ¡ Este es el libro para empezar! Contiene el “cómo” para la formación de grupo y el formato de reunión de muestra.

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We believe that what we think, what we say, and what we do impact our depression. We believe that depression can be managed by applying the principles of the 12 Steps. All are welcome!