International Based Depressed Anonymous Meetings

We make this support group listings available as a public service. We do not run, recommend, endorse, or fund any of the groups listed. In addition, we do not monitor individual groups and only update information as it is made available to us by the facilitators and/or sponsoring organizations.

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Online meetings


To join meeting: please write a message via SKYPE to the following contact:
The chairperson will provide you the direct link for the meeting.

Meetings in English. EVERYDAY
12:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (17:30 UK Time)


Contact : Online Depressed Anonymous Group
Phone: +989127013875
Information from 15:00-20:00 Iran Standard Time (GMT+4:30)
Phone +989397676


Saturday 17:00pm-18:30 Iran Standard Time (GMT+4:30)
No/38 first floor of tavalood dobareh build, Tymouri boulevard – beside mosque, 50 meters away from Hossinee Sq. University of Sharif metro station

Monday 11:00am-12:30 Iran Standard Time (GMT+4:30)
No/38 first floor of Tavalood Dobareh build, Tymouri boulevard – beside mosque, 50 meters away from Hossinee Sq. University of Sharif metro station

Tuesday 16:00pm-18:30 Iran Standard Time (GMT+4:30)
Saloon edjtemaat build, 50 meters down from flag, entrance of Javanmardan Park at Olympic Sq. zone.

Tuesday 17:00pm-18:30 Iran Standard Time (GMT+4:30)
Ghayouri local house Saleh Alley Baseej Square, Fadaian Eslam Ave ray province

Wednesday 17:30pm-19:00 Iran Standard Time (GMT+4:30)
No/343rd floor Heleya build, Yazdan Neyaz Street, Bahare Shomalie Ave

Thursday 16:00pm-18:30 Iran Standard Time (GMT+4:30)
Saloon Edjtemaat build, 50 meters way down from flag, entrance of Javanmardan Park at Olympic square zone


Tuesday 18:00pm-19:30 Iran Standard Time (GMT+4:30)
Tuk hossineeh, bagh morshead alley, baseej boulevard, marcar square


Thursday and Friday 19:00pm-20:30 Iran Standard Time (GMT+4:30)
Hossineeh of Kazemein top floor, East Naderi Ave

Masjed Soleymam

Sunday and Tuesday 18:00pm-19:30
Tallash high school, in front of Shohada Masdjed, Dariush Mohamadi location
rep/: Mr. Abbas +989163801156


Depressed Anonymous Group
Shvernika str. b.10a.fl.8
Neurological rehabilitation center a-12 subway stat.
Moscow, Russian Federation
Sunday 18:30-20:00

Depressed Anonymous Group
Lipeckaya str.8
Sunday School – Kazanskiy Cathedral
Volgograd Russian Federation

Friday 15:00Pm
(tram station Mozdoskaya srtr.. bus station Eleckaya str)
+7 909 392-03-47

Online Russian meetings

Information below is from which is in Russian.
Translation below performed by Google Translate (
Moscow Standard Time is GMT+3:00 (EST+8:00)

Anonymous Depressive Online YES-O
Meeting Schedule
Links to groups and other resources

18:30 Moscow time YES “Healing” – BK YES and Diary YES
20:00 Moscow time YES “Skeptic – Without pathos about 12 steps

14:00 Moscow time YES “Dawn”
17:00 Moscow time YES “Master” – Fairytale therapy
18:30 Moscow time YES “Healing” – All because of me. The truth about perfectionism.

14:00 Moscow time YES “Book Club” – To gain self-confidence.
18:30 Moscow time YES “Shvera” Moscow – BK YES

14:00 Moscow time YES “Dawn”
14:00 Moscow time YES “Carousel” – Leadership meeting with a mentor
18:30 Moscow time YES “Healing” – BK YES and Diary YES

14:00 Moscow time YES “Master” – Dorothy Rowe Out of the prison of depression
18:00 Moscow time YES “Book Club” – 7 qualities of God and other books

12:00 Moscow time YES “Master” – Relationships. Melody Beatty
14:00 First Saturday of the month – Working meeting of the DA-Online intergroup
14:00 Last Saturday of the month – YES “Book Club” – Speaker’s room according to 12 traditions
18:30 Moscow time YES “Shvera” Moscow – BK YES
19:00 Moscow time Dep-Anon “Nadezhda” – for relatives of depressed

10:00 Moscow time YES “Balance” (BAR / TIR) – Speaker room or meeting on the topic
16:00 Moscow time YES “Dawn”

Meeting links
YES “Master”
YES “Balance (BAR / TIR)”
YES “Healing” Monday
YES “Healing” Tuesday
YES “Healing” Thursday
YES “Skeptic”
YES “Book Club”
YES “Sleepless Anonymous”
Dep-Anon “Hope”
(you need to write a message in this open group, add to the closed group for meetings)
YES “Carousel” WhatsApp +7 989 832-68-90 Vadim
YES “Dawn”
YES “Shvera”

YES Online information
(meeting announcements only)

YES Online channel with speakers on YouTube

Chat rooms for communication
YES “Master”

YES “Healing”

YES Moscow “Shvera”

YES “Peter”

Support.Chronicle YES

YES voice

YES “Sleepless Anonymous”
(chat for those with sleep problems)

YES “Master” – sponsors, psychologists, psychotherapists, group schedules, support for a Youtube channel, assistance in organizing a meeting on any topic
YES “Healing” – small group steps YES
YES “Balance” – research work on BAR (TIR), a platform for speakers
Dep-Anon “Nadezhda” – support for relatives of depressed


In contact with

YES “Karusel”, YES “Rassvet”, DA International Skype Group,,, YES Moscow “Shvera”, YES “Peter”, are not included in the DA-Online intergroup, but the same as YES-Online are part of the global YES community.




DA Group (Rainbow)
St. Nikolas Orthodox Church – Gorbachevskiy St. – Donetsk, 83003
(S Viato-Nikolaevskiy Chram, poselok Karla Marksa uf. Gorbachevskogo, 43)
Sunday 12:00-14:00


House of Medical Profession
Greek Str. 20
(Dom Medicinskogo Robotnika Grecheskaya ul.20)
Odessa, Ukraine
Contact Julia: +380930626591


United Kingdom

Times: Wednesday Night at 19:00-20:00
Place: Hampstead Community Center
78 Hampstead High Street
Language: Farsi
London, UK N W3 Ire
Tel: 00447848696102

We seek to prevent depression through education and by creating a supportive and caring community through support groups that successfully keep individuals from relapsing into depression.