I hope that I can accept myself today…


I have  hope that I can accept myself today and just let go of all   the old messages from the old tapes of childhood that told me that I was bad and worthless.

“You desperately wanted people to love you, but you became very wary of giving your love to others.  You reasoned that the less you loved another person the less it would hurt when the inevitable rejection came.” Dorothy Rowe


I have been holed up for so long in my own little world of feeling hurt and rejection that to attempt to love someone else seems like the  greatest challenge of my life.  I desire so badly to be loved by someone else that this lack of another’s love makes my isolation from another so hurtful.

After having witnessed the miracle of the group in DA, where depressed people came with their feelings of being hurt and rejected, I find that other’s love and nurture challenge me to hope once again.  I can share with my Depressed Anonymous group the fact that I haven’t measured up, that I am angry and that I just want to lie down and die.

I am open enough now to  let the light of love from others, who like myself, realize that I am not alone and that I am beginning to feel better already now that I no longer need to be perfect.

This means to be willing to affiliate and give of myself for someone else’s good. In the program I am starting to love-myself.”


We are going to make a mental decision right now to let God, as we understand God to be, to guide us and instruct us on how best to love ourselves. Wait, listen and follow the promptings of the Spirit.


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