I started believing in me

“It has been a year now since I gave up on those negative thoughts that I had over my lifetime. I gave them up one at a time. It wasn’t like I dumped them all at once. It was like the people needed to show me a new life and see that I can be happy again. In the beginning, I thought the old familiar tapes had begun playing again. The old tapes saying that I was “stupid” began to play.  But then I would attend Depressed Anonymous meetings every week and I would go and find that I could use things that other people said at the meetings which would help me. That is one place where you could go and be fully accepted for whatever you had to say, and someone else there said they knew exactly what I was feeling. I also began to trust in God as my Higher Power. More and more, I turned it over to the Higher Power and said I can’t do all these things all by myself.

I did pray as hard as I could. I prayed every night. I believed that this change  was going to happen. I started believing in me. But the wonderful thing was that I began to realize that  I was no longer alone. A Higher Power was going to be there for me.”

Source: Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition. Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. Page 146. Personal stories section.

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