12 Self-Help Ways To Get Undepressed

  1. Attribute the depression to a cause, e.g., loss of a loved one, loss of a childhood, loss of a pet, loss of a job.
  2. Attempt to rectify the problems considered responsible for evoking the feelings of depression.
  3. Finding moral and social support (Depressed Anonymous mutual aid group).
  4. Engaging in diverting and distracting recreations.
  5. Keeping busy and working.
  6. Focusing one’s attention elsewhere than on the depressing problems or depressed feelings.
  7. Restructuring one’s thinking so as to minimize the significance of the depressing events.
  8. Engaging in in self-care and self maintenance activities.
  9. Venting one’s feelings.
  10. Taking prescribed medication as long as you and your doctor agree that the medication is working on your behalf.
  11. Finding compensations and boosting feelings of self esteem or self sufficiency through useful purposeful activity.
  12. Taking comfort in one’s religion.

SOURCE: Wounded Healers. V. Rippere & W. Ruth. John WIley and Sons, Ltd, 1985. pgs. 86-87. (Reprinted and published in the ANTIDEPRESSANT TABLET.)

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