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ONLINE  ZOOM Depressed Anonymous  meeting  4/5/2020 at 4PM EST.


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Depressed Anonymous has a DA group in Los Angeles, CA.

Here are the particulars for all those who want to attend a DA meeting in LA,CA.

Here are the particulars:


Depressed Anonymous-LA

Monday 8PM

Share Culver City

6666 Green Valley Circle

Culver City CA 90230



Thank You Lionel

A red thread, a beautiful tapestry, patterns and God’s will.


Some of us, in groups and individually, work the Steps according to the month. What this means is  when April 1st (4th month) arrives, we start spending quality  time studying  our  Step #4. This Step states that we “Made a fearless moral and searching inventory of ourselves.”  For many  of our members, myself included, we  use our Depressed  Anonymous Workbook in conjunction with our Depressed Anonymous book to discover  the patterns  of our lives that keep us from being our best selves.  The patterns have formed habits and these habits can end up becoming  addictions. Could it be that these  patterns  of our thinking, feeling   and  behavior keep us imprisoned in our depression? Is it now that we feel we are continually circling around in that morass of hopelessness and helplessness? Like any addiction, we feel there is no way out.

It is here   I  want to quote  from  Maria von Trappe  (Maria of musical The Sound of Music) who shared this thought:

“It will  be very interesting one day to follow the pattern of our life as it is spread out like a beautiful tapestry …. in looking back we can discover how a red thread goes through the pattern of our life: the will of God. ”  Quoted in  the Publication: Give us this day. Liturgical Press. Collegeville, MN. March 26,

As I   examine my life,   attempting  to discover  that red thread, I have found that there actually is a red thread   moving through my life tapestry.  The red thread  is there   for me and it is like looking into a rear view mirror showing me where I have been on this life journey.  There are these life patterns  consistently appearing  during the good times and the tough times of our lives.  Even a pattern in which I see life as   difficult and  the world a dangerous place. Many of these negative patterns and  fearful thoughts may start in our childhood and gradually become  even more pronounced as  patterns. But that red thread continues  its weaving through  our life   tapestry into   our adult lives.  For some the red thread   moves  forward along with a pattern of pessimism, while  providing us at the same time with  hope. And as I look over my own past life, I see that my negativity,   always following   me  into most of my relationships. Now as I   look at the whole life tapestry as part of my fourth step inventory, stretching as it does from birth to this day, I am able to see patterns which have formed over time, crippling and making feel less than. But even during the painful times I can still see that that red thread, the will of God, has always been there operating in my life, accompanying  me on my life journey, invisible, but still there  like the silent whisper of the wind, providing  me with hope.   Now I can see that the red thread  hasn’t just formed,  it has been there as for long as I can remember.  My present belief in a power greater than my depression is gradually setting me free. Today. Everyday.

I  know  how some Depressed Anonymous groups  work this  Fourth Step Study  on an ongoing basis. For example, there  are International Depressed Anonymous Skype Group meetings  who come together everyday of the week on the Internet.  You can access these group meeting  by going to and then signing in at The leader for  the meeting that day will sign you up and you can join the group. Meetings start at 12:30 PM Central Standard time and 1:30 Eastern Standard PM time.

Look back on your life up to today and see if you can recognize how that red thread weaving through your own life, no matter how difficult, how despairing, it is  the fact that    God has always been there with us and we gradually come to believe that He will always be there with us. And as a member of Depressed Anonymous I want  to share with others how that red thread never abandoned me or deserted me, no matter how bad things became.  And so when you do your inventory you too will discern that it has always been God’s will that the hope he provides will free you.








My frequent contact with friends in recovery…


“My frequent contact with friends in recovery enables me to speak the language of hope to myself and to others.”

“We have shared our problems and experiences, our thoughts, feelings and sorrows, our hopes and fears, our laughter and tears. Being in a group has offered us security. It has given us a sense of belonging and the feelings of a new beginning. It is comforting to know that the journey will never have to be traveled alone. Someone will always be there, if you are ever set to fall,  to encourage and support you along the way.


My depression thickens in the darkness of solitude; it  withers gradually in the light of open and frank discussion. By my ongoing and frequent participation in Depressed Anonymous (face to face or Online DA Skype Groups) and the other Twelve Step programs of recovery, I feel that I am no longer alone and vulnerable. I know now that there are other persons out there who understand what I am feeling. I won’t hear any “snap out of  it” nonsense. Usually said to us by folks who have never experienced the pain  of depression. I know  that the progress out of the desert of  depression  is slow and methodical. One Step at a time. I am willing to work on myself and I will be able to win over my depression!

But as I have been wounded by a group or individual ,  or my own family of origin, and those who comprised it, can now find a “surrogate” family and make a decision to choose new members of my family.


God, help us to learn how to gradually express ourselves with other members of our group. We know that in helping others, we always help ourselves.”


Depressed Anonymous Daily Online Skype meetings.

(c)Higher Thoughts for down days. 365 daily thoughts and meditations for members of Twelve Step fellowship groups. Depressed Anonymous Publications,. Louisville, KY. Pages 51-52.  March 27.

Ordering our eBooks hit a glitch. Help!

Two days ago (3/25)  we indicated that we were going to have persons that were interested in downloading eBooks from our Bookstore   that they could down load for free for a three week period of time.  I thought with so much heartache, loss of jobs and the  depression that goes with these losses, that this would be a good time to make as many copies available as possible. Our tech agreed initially, thinking that it would be a good  idea. Then after a bit, he got back to me and said that he wasn’t able to reset our online payment process. Not so easy.   I thought that we could just press a few buttons and we were ready to go.    So,  now we are back to square one.

If anyone   has a suggestion, please let us know.  You can send a message here at our website or to us at I apologize for this foul-up. There must be a way to make this happen , that would allow someone to download free. Our tech  indicated that we will continue to try other routes. We will think of other ways to meet this challenge. Hoping to hear suggestions from you, the fellowship of Depressed Anonymous,.

Hugh (Admin) for the Fellowship



+++++++++++++++++++++REMINDER: Everyday there is a scheduled Depressed Anonymous International Skype meeting online at 12:30PM Central Standard Time, and 1:30 Eastern Standard time. Go to your browser and type in:   Download and sign into Skype. Search and send a message asking to be added to the group.

You can join  with  a great group of folks who are working the Depressed Anonymous program of recovery. Don’t miss it!!

Thank you.






(Text taken verbatim from Depressed Anonymous Publications c) I’ll do it when I feel better.). Pages 66-68.

Ray, a member of DA, tells us how to talk about the  various parts that make up one’s progress on the path to recovery.

“I think most depression sufferers  go through a time of hopelessness. This feeling is very disabling for many of us. But with most problems or illnesses there is always hope. Hope that our problems will be solved or that we will get better. So if hope is part of the solution, how do we find our own  path to hope? Before we take that path I think it is important to see how the path is formed.

The first item is choice. We make choices everyday for ourselves, some simple and some complex. These choices may affect us for the rest of our lives, that is, what do I want from my life? What are my goals in life? Our lives are formed and maybe our own meaning of what life is, is revealed to us. So our path is first formed with the choices that we make.

Next comes acceptance. Acceptance for who and what we are, accepting our own ideas, values, feelings and emotions but even more important is accepting the fact that  we  can  change our ideas, values, feelings and emotions. Accepting the fact that these changes can and  will be made by ourselves, as other people can’t do that for us. They can only add to or detract from those changes, By accepting our choices and taking responsibility for these choices for our journey on the path of hope has begun.

The third item is trust.  Trust in ourselves to make the right choices. Trust, in ourselves to overcome  any obstacle we face no matter how difficult it is. Also, trusting another person, especially when that person loves, cares or just believes in us. Trust is important, it tells us we are not alone and we can accept and trust in another to lead us down our chosen path as well as trusting in ourselves.

The last item is faith. Faith in ourselves that things wil be solved even when no answer or situation  is in sight or seems impossible. Faith in others to help us when we need help and that bthey will be there for us. Faith in God or our Higher Power and through Him our anguish, our sorrow, our pain will be lifted. Faith in our path of hope.”

The path of hope for depression sufferers is not easy to build or to find sometimes. That’s why I think it is so important to take your medicine, if medications are prescribed, see your Doctor, counselor, 12 Step sponsor or therapist. Go to a Depressed Anonymous meetng as often as you are able. Remember  —– when all seems to be lost, there is always hope.


(C) I’ll do it when I feel better. Hugh Smith. 2017 Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville, KY.

Please go online  and click onto DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS BOOKSTORE for more literature on  the 12 Steps and depression. You’ll be happy that you did.



Here is a Higher Thought for you today!! ONLINE DA MEETS EVERYDAY!

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++++++++REMINDER:  Everyday there is  a scheduled  Depressed Anonymous International  SKYPE meeting Online  at  12:30PM Central Standard time, and 1:30 Eastern Standard time.   Go to your browser and type in:

There  please sign up  or log into SKYPE. You will see something  that says “join meeting.” You will be sent a link that will enter you into the meeting. Great meeting with those who are working their DA program of recovery. Don’t miss it.



    Today I will do one thing, just for myself.

“Treating yourself kindly means looking after yourself and accepting yourself in all your humanness. You are not the most  perfect, wonderful person that has ever  walked on this earth. Neither are you the worst, most imperfect, wicked person that has dared to draw breath.”


This “treating ourselves kindly ” might not fit into one of our personal beliefs. I think this is particularly true when so often we want to compare ourselves to others who are more beautiful, more popular, wealthier.  And because of this, we might  have a strong impulse to want to please others. Remember the book, “Looking for love in all the wrong places” this leads to a dead-end of disappointment and sadness.  Is this not true for most of us as we keep searching for the fountain of youth, that lucky lottery number giving us millions?

Let me tell you that more often than not  it makes everything worse because these “pie in the sky” wishes never materialize. Obviously these thoughts do more harm than good. We ruminate how bad we are and life is and how we think that  things never work out for me.

But now that I am in recovery, working the powerful  12 steps of recovery, I am guided by a different standard.

I am beginning to realize, thanks  to my program of recovery and my Higher Power(the God of my understanding) that I am not as bad as I thought I was.  I am beginning to see that the more I live in the present, and live out my in today, the more I become myself and learn to love who I am.

My way of looking at the world prevents me from seeing the world, all creation as a wonderful manifestation of a Power which by its diverse and marvelous creations sends me a personal message of hope.   Like the great poem Desiderata tells us, we have every right to be here–depressed, unhappy, happy or whatever.  Also as it says in the 12 step programs, we are all equal in our fellowship. I am not ashamed to admit that I am or was depressed. I now have a way to free  myself from the bonds of depression. The lockdown–the mental bars of my imprisonment are gone. I now believe that my own depression has made it possible for me to help others. “It takes one to know one.” I believe with all my heart that this is my purpose–this is what gives me meaning–this purpose and meaning leads me to the next person seeking freedom and release of the shackles that  bind us and keep us unmotivated and helpless.

And so “to be kind to ourselves” reminds us that we are to treat others as  kindly as we would like to be treated.


Send  email to us at if you would like to talk with a member. Thanks. Hugh

(C) Higher thoughts for down days: 365 daily thoughts for members of 12 step fellowship groups. Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville, KY.  March 23.


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Daily Skype Depressed Anonymous meeting every day . ( –


Greetings!  To access  the daily Depressed Anonymous Meeting  @ 12:30 CST   Central Standard Time/ or  1:30  Eastern Time.  To join the meeting, simply log onto Skype and sign up either @ 12:30 CST or @ 1:30pm Eastern Time.   You should see something that says “join meeting.”

If there is a problem with the signing up, you can email the address given and we will send them a link directly.

At the meeting you can turn on your mic to talk and video if you wish.


Nothing is so simple that it has a single cause.

 I know that millions of pieces of sand make up the seashore. I know that many drops of water make the ocean. I also know that many days make up the years of any one’s life. Many pieces and patches make up the quilt. I also know that today is that one piece of my life that I will  do all in my power to grow and work myself out of  sadness. I have only my one  day, this twenty-four hour period to be strong,  to  study and   talk to others in the program as to how I am recovering, by working my Twelve Step Program  of recovery. I am excited about the good things that are possible for me   when “I let go” of my need to sadden myself.

I am thankful that today I am finding a way out of my depression.  First of all, admitting that I am depressed. Secondly, Feeling  better knowing that just as there is a cause for my depression, with time and effort, I   will gradually the source of my sadness. Day by day, I am finding pieces of the solution due to  my recovery efforts.

I am alert to all knowledge that can  help free me from my sadness. I do know  now that what has happened to me in the past, continues to operate in me now. I am learning how to be aware of these unconscious motivators, which   suddenly and  inexplicably pop up out of nowhere saddening my self and lowering  my mood.  These bad actors will gradually be faced and examined as I work  through  the steps, at my DA discussion  meetings, the reading of Depressed Anonymous literature, and my ongoing   help from my sponsor. This is a promise.


(C) Higher Thoughts for Down Days: 365 daily thoughts and meditations for members of Twelve Step fellowship groups. Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville. KY.