As I understand God

Does God forbid me to go out into the sunshine so as to overcome my addiction? He obviously doesn’t.

Does God advise me to go out into the sunshine to overcome my addiction? He does.

Does God MAKE me (= moves my two feet) go out into the sunshine so as to quit addiction? No, he doesn’t.

In other words, God asks me to do things. He will  not raise a hand and physically punish me. I had to reach the age of 11 to come to terms with that.

God wants my good.  He tells me how to reach goodness.  He knows that throughout  not  abiding his advice and even his commands I will be unhappy.  It is I who have the physical tools.

Even the 10 Commandments are nothing but words.

In  fellowship,

2 thoughts on “As I understand God”

  1. My name is Kimmy and I am in recovery. I also work for a treatment center. I am looking for people from Depression Anonymous to share their story with people in treatment over zoom. Is this something you are available for, or do you know anyone? My number is 773-678-8122. I usually need people on Tuesdays or Fridays, during the day. Thanks for any help.

    1. Kimmy,

      Thanks for reaching out. I am the webmaster, contributor to the blog, and a long time member of DA. I will reach out to you to see what specifically you are looking for and if we can help you.

      Yours in recovery, Bill R

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