15 ways to leave behind the agony of depression

Coupled with the  12 spiritual principles (Steps)  of Depressed Anonymous  I have recently put together  15 ways which can provide  hope and inspiration.

These 15 ways are now grouped together in our latest work, published by Depressed Anonymous Publications,  appropriately titled,  Believing is seeing: 15 ways to leave the prison of depression.

For today and  days following,  I would like to share with you here,  excerpts  of   passages  from each of the 15 Ways contained in this work. So, let’s get started now with a short excerpt  from the 1st Way.

The 1st Way says  that “We accept and believe that however hopeless  everything appears right now, we will recover from our depression.”

“We know that this belief is one of the most important beliefs  that we can hang onto as we move through the painful experience of depression. I have spent decades working directly with depressed individuals and their families. Also, by my own active participation in the 12 Step recovery program of Depressed Anonymous,  I know that those persons who keep coming back to meeting after meeting , week after week, usually get better.

Often  persons depressed give up the hope of feeling different. They can’t believe that they have the hope of feeling different. They can’t believe that they have the power to change the way they feel. They don’t believe that they have a choice either to get well or remain locked in  the prison of their depression. This is why this belief coupled with the First Step of Depressed Anonymous, a Twelve Step mutual aid group, has a positive impact one’s personal belief about the recovery process. The First Step of Depressed Anonymous states “We admitted that we were powerless over depression and that our lives had become unmanageable.” Pages 1-2.

For eight more pages we begin to learn about how our beliefs and actions together can  chip away at the walls of the depression that imprison us.  This chapter, begins to give us the power, together  with the remaining 14 Ways   packed with hope,  providing us with that power to a life lived with purpose and meaning.  Our lives no longer are that which keep us struggling   through  day .after day, month after month.

If you would like to know more about this positive work  Believing is seeing and other  literature, helpful for the depressed,  check out our resources at VISIT THE STORE. Also, at the MENU located at the beginning of our site DEPRESSED ANONYMOUS, you are able to download  information about who we are and what we are about. This is especially helpful if you need handouts for your newly formed Depressed Anonymous group.

SOURCE: Believing is seeing: 15 ways to leave the prison of depression. (2014) Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville.Pages 1-2.


2 thoughts on “15 ways to leave behind the agony of depression”

    1. Hi Jerry
      If nothing seems to help (tell us what you have tried) — so maybe there is something that you haven’t tried yet and might try. I do know that you have written to us for help and I will do my best to see if there is something that we might do for you. All we have to offer is a program that works for some–not all-but for those who use the 12 spiritual principles of Depressed Anonymous good things do happen. One caution here: this program of recovery takes time and work on oneself. We do have the tools members use to leave the prison of their depression. There are no instant cures for depression–but care of self is what is needed. You might take a look at our website first of all and click onto TOOLS of recovery. This is a start.
      Keep in touch Jerry and tell us a little about yourself.
      Thank you for your note.
      Email me at [email protected] if you would want to share some of your issues.
      Hugh for the fellowship

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