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Bitten by the “rabid dog” of addictions

Today, our world is beset by the bite of the “mad dog” of addictions. Let me explain what I mean. First of all, I know personally about the bite of that “mad dog.” I have been bitten myself. I have family members who have been bitten. Now it appears our whole society has received that fatal bite ( in many cases) and continues to be bitten with the poison that reproduces its self inside of us. Each addictive behavior, whatever that might be, if not taken care of, will lead ultimately to our own  demise, unless we  use the appropriate tools of recovery/resources to get us back on the path of sobriety and sanity. There is hope!

In my own life I have been bitten by the “mad dog” with its  poison of hopelessness and despair. The venom produces the mistaken  belief that we are doomed and there is no way out.   I was trapped in this deep dark pit of isolation and helplessness.  It was when  I faced the consequences of my disordered and addictive thinking, and  admitted that I needed  help.  I felt I was going die like a trapped man without hope. I chose life. I crawled  to my first 12 Step meeting of recovery. It was at this meeting that I saw and felt  no longer alone. I was with a group of men and women who too had been bitten by the “mad dog. ” They  now had found the antidote that would gradually remove the venom and give them   back their  life. It took time, and it took a fellowship of persons like myself  and it took work. This program works. We were given the 12 spiritual principles of Depressed Anonymous, modeled after the successful Alcoholics Anonymous program of recovery. Even if there is no Depressed Anonymous recovery program in your community there is hope for you or anyone who might want to do a Home Study program, and possibly have a friend or  therapist join with you as you work through  the Steps one at a time. I might add that it only takes two to form a group. And  you can always go online to find help with your own progress and exit from the loneliness of depression.

A residue of the poison from the “mad dog” is  always present in my system.   As long as I have the spiritual and physical antidote of the fellowship of  like persons,plus the spiritual power of the Steps, I have found that I am now living in peace and hope. I am no longer isolated and without hope.  I now  place my hope and trust in a power greater than myself. Thanks to the power of the Steps and their  spiritual principles  of recovery, I have been depression free these past 30 years.   The God of my understanding has given me a new life and  future, one day at a time.


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Back again!

Hello friends

I finally got back here with our Depressed Anonymous fellowship. This hopefully will be able to be viewed by all of you who come here  and read what I have sent out to you.

I think my Higher power helped me get back on this day as I was getting frustrated.

“Came to believe that a power greater than myself could restore me to sanity. Step Three of Depressed Anonymous