Being solution-focused is our way out!

Depressed Anonymous mutual aid is solution focused. We DO have a solution in digging our way out of depression. Just the word mutual aid should tell you this. And one of the best things a newcomer discovers when they come through the door of a Depressed Anonymous meeting is the fact that  the people in attendance are those who have been depressed and now working themselves free of the scourge of depression.  These person continue to speak solution to the rest of the group and share how the 12 Steps and the DA Fellowship  provided them the keys that free them from the prison of isolation and shame.  And for those of us who have been freed from depression for months, years and decades, we are the ones who continue to share the lasting effects of those “tools” that we continue to use in our everyday lives to stay serene and focused on  recovery.   I and many others have been sharing these “tools” which freed us years ago and now we  WANT to  share what we have learned with others. We know we have the keys to freedom and we want to share these keys, these solutions of self care  to you as well. Are you ready?


VISIT THE STORE here at our site for more information about literature that is available on line for your personal perusal.  BTW, it is all written by those who live out the solution in their  daily lives.

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