Depressed Anonymous is a light to guide me!

Dear All,

I have been very busy lately, out living light, and I wanted  you all to know that just being on this list and reading the shares and the “big book” (Depressed Anonymous) has helped me tremendously to not fall into depression in blind denial as was my custom. Two things are helping me most…

do the next right thing

motivation follows action

Thank you so much for being here!

Also for the first time I can handle flashbacks from PTSD more easily because I am not depressed. I even had more repressed memory come up…I was depressed for about a day and a half and then got sick of it, and got up and went back to my daily life…it is  a miracle!  Thank you, thank you, thank you…I believe I am on the path that leads to depression being something I used to struggle with so mightily. I don’t think I’m cured, just that Depressed Anonymous is a light to guide me, to keep me on the path to wellness.”


To read more stories  how members of the Depressed Anonymous Fellowship have found serenity and a pathway out of the prison of their own depression, see the personal stories in Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition. Depressed Anonymous Publications. Louisville.

Please VISIT THE STORE to find more literature which can help broaden your own vistas of how the Twelve Steps frees us from depression.

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