Depressed Anonymous refuses to blame anyone for their depression

I couldn’t believe a recent review of our Big Book Depressed Anonymous, 3rd edition, claiming the book blames people who are depressed. What nonsense.   The book states explicitly that we are NOT in the BLAME GAME. What we are saying is that once we discover the origins of our depression experience we can begin to take responsibility for this devastating experience. Many folks do think that, somehow depression just  comes out of the blue and one doesn’t have an idea how they became depressed.   I felt  the same way. It was only until I began to look at my life through the lens of others, in the Depressed Anonymous group, who just like me, were looking for a way out of their hell of pain. They quickly learned that it was not their fault that they  are depressed (like hey, who wants to live in hell every hour, day, year?).

We learned quickly that we are NOT VICTIMS –but survivors. We now have the tools to work our way out of this prison. I am responsible for doing all I can to release the positive energy that is inside me for regaining  my emotional and physical balance. I do this by following the recovery program of Depressed Anonymous, Step by Step. For many this all takes place in the  context of a  non-judgemental  and accepting   group such as DA.  In all my years, I have NEVER heard anyone blame another for their depression. How could they? All of us who have experienced this hell know and believe that if we did not do something, take responsibility and find out how to deal with the symptoms  of our depression (DA shows us how), the whole matter may spiral into a life threatening situation.

Finally, please let me say that the reviewer of our work obviously had not read the book.


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