Depression dies in the light of discussion

“It is our negative thinking, our compulsive way of processing negative  information, which means that we habitually store the negative and dump the positive thoughts flowing into  our minds.                                                         

That promotes a feeling that makes us wanting to fall back in the old habit of staying isolated and avoiding others. We might fool ourselves and say that people have nothing to offer so  I begin distancing myself from everyone .

 Part of my nature when depressed is to avoid and distance myself from whatever I feel is threatening, like a child afraid of the dark.

I can only do what God wants me to do and I find out what this is by spending time with my God in meditation. Whatever we do, we need to know that our isolation and our withdrawing from friends and family, is an environment by which our depression can grown strong. Depression dies in the light of discussion.”

SOURCE: The Anti-Depressant Tablet. Volume 3:3. p.10.  Louisville.KY.

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