Family members of the depressed share some of the same pain as their family member


“In my field of counseling, I always tried to get the family of the depressed person into counseling too,  so that I might  help the person see how their depression  was affecting everyone in the family, including the children. The spouse, if the depressed  person was married, always seemed relieved that someone finally could see their viewpoint and understand how they felt and the pain that they  were experiencing. Many times, they would tell how their spouse would never do anything and always put things off until they felt better. But they never feel better!  I found much pain and anger and frustration in these  relationships, as the spouse was beside herself or himself concerning what to do for their sad partner.  They were not only becoming depressed themselves, but they were also feeling guilty about their anger at someone who was supposed to be sick?”

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NOTE:  In my effort to help the whole family unit, I initiated a family Dep-Anon Family Group just like Al-Anon. Al-Anon is there for friends and family of the Alcoholic and helps them to have help  in understanding the  best ways to help the alcoholic.

There were two persons, both family members of a depressed person, who collaborated  and  wrote their own  manual, based on  the 12 Step model, for those others like themselves who also were dealing with a depressed family member or friend.  It was an eye-opener to discover  that these two persons had some of the same feelings which their family member was also experiencing. They were feeling anger, frustration and became more isolated the deeper the depression of their loved one.

What I learned from them, and the feelings they shared,   made it possible for them to write their own manual specifically geared and directed to the family and friend  of a depressed person.


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